Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker

Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker Review

Based in the United States, Wilson Audio has established a reputation as a highly respected and sought-after brand in the audiophile audio industry. Their products are often considered a dream purchase for many audiophiles worldwide, and for a good reason. Wilson Audio is widely regarded as one of the top speaker brands in the world.

In recent years, Wilson Audio launched its flagship WAMM Master Chronosonic, which quickly gained worldwide attention and sparked heated discussions among audio fans. This new speaker set a new standard for audio performance and showcased Wilson Audio’s dedication to innovation and excellence.

The Alexx V is a newer version of the original Alexx speaker, but its release came after the WAMM Master Chronosonic. As such, the Alexx V incorporates the research and development insights gained during the creation of the WAMM, resulting in a more comprehensive evolution than the original Alexx. With the Alexx V, Wilson Audio continues to push the boundaries of audio performance and solidify its position as a leading brand in the industry.

Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker


Wilson Audio’s top three floor-standing speakers are the flagship WAMM Master Chronosonic launched in 2017. The sub-flagship Chronosonic XVX was launched in 2019. And the Alexx V, established in 2021. The Alexx V is an updated version of its predecessor, the Alexx, which was released in 2016.

ne notable difference in appearance between the two is that the Alexx V has a slightly larger volume, with increased depth and height by 1″, while the width remains the same. Additionally, the upper half of the Alexx V has been changed to an open style similar to the WAMM, using an Open Architecture Gantry (OAG) to enhance rigidity and reduce pressure.

Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker

The cabinet of the Alexx V is constructed primarily from a special material called “X material,” known for its excellent rigidity and high price. This material costs approximately 14 times more than common MDF or HDF.

The entire cabinet is made from X material and is cut using CNC technology. V material is also used in appropriate positions, such as on the top of the woofer, skeleton, and new pyramid (known as the Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode Spike), providing excellent performance in terms of vibration control and isolation characteristics.

Wilson Audio uses various special materials such as Substance V, Substance D, and Substance S, abbreviated using English alphabet letters.

Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker

The Alexx V retains the MTM (Midrange–Tweeter–Midrange) design for the treble between the two midrange units. The position and angle of these units have been precisely calculated, resulting in a performance that is very similar to the Chronosonic VXV.

The Alexx V features two midrange drivers of different sizes to fine-tune the sound and frequency response. The 5.75″ midrange driver is from the original Alexx and boasts a very fast response and excellent resolution. On the other hand, the 7″ midrange driver is taken from the Chronosonic VXV and delivers a warmer, more charming sound with a vivid sense of presence.

Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker

The QuadraMag single drive system is used in the Alexx V, which combines four independent magnets arranged in a quadrature geometry. This technology enhances the accuracy of the magnetic field and reduces distortion.

An acoustic diffusion design has also been implemented behind the midrange unit to increase its response speed. Combining these advanced technologies and precise design calculations allows the Alexx V to deliver an unparalleled audio experience.

The 1″ tweeter in the Alexx V is paired with the newly developed Convergent Synergy® Carbon (CSC) rear chamber crafted from 3D-printed carbon fiber. This innovative design produces stronger high-frequency extensions, a more linear frequency response, and better overtone details, making for an exceptional audio experience.

Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker

The two woofers in the Alexx V, measuring 10.5″ and 12.5″, respectively, are taken from the WAMM Master Chronosonic line. The bass reflex hole is located at the bottom, just like the previous generation of Alexx. Additionally, users can adjust and choose the XLF (Cross-load Flow) Port System with the reflex hole located on the front or back of the speaker, depending on their environment and needs.

The cabinet of the Alexx V has been meticulously optimized and calculated, resulting in a 16% increase in internal acoustic volume compared to the original Alexx. This expanded volume allows for a low-frequency performance nearly identical to the Chronosonic VXV, making the Alexx V an impressive addition to the Wilson Audio speaker lineup.

Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker

The Alexx V has exposed connecting terminals and wires for its midrange and treble units, with only the tweeter being sealed. The midrange and bass units do not have sealed chambers.

The new crossover design minimizes the number of components on the signal path, resulting in an increase in minimum impedance from 1.5 ohms in Alexx to 2.0 ohms in Alexx V and an increase in efficiency by 1dB.

Alexx V features adjustable front and rear cabinet positions and inclination for the midrange and treble units, allowing for optimal time consistency of sounds across different frequency bands.

Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker

The AudioCapX®-WA capacitor, custom-made by Wilson Audio and handmade, is utilized in the Alexx V to control each capacitor’s error range effectively.

Each Alexx V speaker weighs 226.8 kg and measures 161 cm in height, 68 cm in depth, and 40 cm in width, with an efficiency value of 92 dB.

Sound Performance

When listening to Eva Cassidy’s “Fields of Gold” on the Wilson Audio Alexx V system, the vocal details are rich, neutral, dense, and solid, and the music is original. Even slight background noise in the recording is clear and more noticeable than before.

This high-end system captures every sound in the music, highlighting subtle details previously unnoticed. Additionally, the dynamic contrast during singing is large, and the system remains submissive even at relatively high volumes. The high-frequency band is pleasing to the ear without excessive irritation. Overall, the sound quality is pure and of high quality.

Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker

Listen to another song, “What a Wonderful World” by the Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio, which showcases the system’s excellent performance with a cello solo. Across different ranges, the consistent audio-visual volume from high to low indicates a well-proportioned low-frequency response without any noticeable standing waves or energy protruding places.

The sound thickness is appropriate, not bloated, but still plump. The piano’s later addition has excellent power and high-frequency transparency, and the treble’s beautiful performance is a rare experience. Subtle taps in the jazz drums are also easily noticeable, and the system not only replays the music but also brings out new content that was previously unnoticed.

Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker

Listening to Harry Belafonte’s “Sings The Blues” on the top-level system featuring the Wilson Audio Alexx V is a truly remarkable experience. The Alexx V’s fine-tuning capabilities to the sound’s listening position are exceptional. With careful adjustments based on accumulated experience and the suggestions provided by the original factory, the system can achieve an impressive upper limit.

As a result, it can deliver a singing voice that is loose and natural, with precise positioning, excellent three-dimensionality, and a thick, rich sound. Although I cannot confirm whether it’s like being at the live performance, the texture, imagery, and sound environment are all described in great detail, providing an excellent listening experience. The gap between this system and available sound systems is very noticeable, as it produces an incredibly realistic yet beautiful sound.

Wilson Audio Alexx V Floor-Standing Speaker


Wilson Audio Alexx V is a high-end loudspeaker system that offers exceptional audio quality and precise sound reproduction. The Alexx V produces rich, neutral, dense, and solid vocal details while allowing for a wide dynamic range and pleasing high-frequency tones. It offers excellent power, high-frequency transparency, and impressive three-dimensionality in reproducing music.

Overall, the Wilson Audio Alexx V is a unique system that delivers a highly realistic and beautiful sound experience and is a top choice for audiophiles seeking the very best in sound quality.