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Top 10 Best USB Extension Cables in 2023

USB extension cables are a must-have for any office, home, or school. They allow you to connect your device and access power when it is not possible near an outlet. That can be especially helpful in rooms where there may only be a few outlets available.

USB extension cables also come in handy when connecting devices that need more distance between them than what is offered by the cord on their own to charge them. The best extension cable should have durable ends and provide ample length to make sure you can use it without being limited by space constraints. 

How do I choose the right USB extension cable for my needs?

There are a few factors you should consider when choosing the best USB extension cable for your needs.


First, look at the cable itself to see if it is durable and still in good condition. If there is any breakage or visible wear on the cable, it might not provide reliable service for you. A short-term use item may be necessary instead of an extension cable with this kind of damage on it.

Next, check out how long the actual cable is because it will determine what types of devices you can connect. If your device has a short charging cable that can only reach about 4 feet away from an outlet, then investing in a ten-foot USB extension cable will waste some unnecessary money on cords that will now never be used.

There are so many USB extension cables to choose from. Which one is best for you. This is a post for the best USB extension cables in 2023.

No. 10 AINOPE USB Extension Cable

AINOPE USB Extension Cable

Main Features

  • REINFORCED SR CABLE JOINT:AINOPE USB 3.0 extension cable with test of 20,000+ bend, the special SR design makes the cable joints more durable. The flexible and wear-resistant armor nylon braided material offers stronger protection. The Included sticky buckles helps to shorten the length and keeps the USB 3.0 extension cable in an organized manner, no tangling worries and effectively prolong the service life.
  • UPGRADED CONNECTOR:This USB extension cable with all-metal shell and aluminum alloy connector, provides you fancy texture with good hand-feeling, and ensure the extreme durability. Also constructed with multiple layers of shielding to minimize interference, corrosion-resistant , effectively prolong the cable service life.
  • USB3.0 FAST CHARGING & DATA SYNCING:Charging and data transmission two in one, Our USB 3.0 extension cable is 10X faster than USB2.0 cable, also, this USB 3.0 extension cable backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 standard devices
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY:You can using this cable to extends your usb connection to your computer, as well as a variety of USB peripherals such as Hubs, Printers, Card Readers, Bluetooth Adapters, USB Flash Drives, Scanners, Hard Drives, Mouse, Keyboard without any hysteresis or loss of data.


  • I’m using it with a Xim Apex, a very picky but awesome toy (also apex is a must-have for the console gamer) and I always had to get up and adjust it several times a session also the apex device seemed to be putting too much strain on my gaming console’s USB port. Now that I have this USB extension I’m putting no stress on my USB port and I can make any adjustments on the fly because the Apex now sits right next to me.
  • I was surprised when the quality of the material. It is enough to protect the cord from the bends that break right after the USB port on most cords. The color is appealing and it feels good in the hands. They also come with a Velcro strap for storing them. Very happy with this purchase and I would recommend it.

No.9 ITANDA USB Extension Cable

 ITANDA USB 3.0 Extension Cable

Main Features

  • 【10ft Long Extension Cable】This long 10ft USB extension cable is long enough for daily life and office work. With this USB 3.0 extension cable, you will no longer squeeze yourself in an uncomfortable position because of your short cables, you can lie on the sofa and sit wherever you’d like. No need to bend down under the desk or behind the TV to plug some USB peripherals anymore!
  • 【5Gbps High-speed Transfer】With data transfer rate up to 5 Gbps, this USB 3.0 extension cable is 10x faster than USB 2.0 (480 Mbps), backs up your huge files in seconds and ensures fast charging&data syncing. It is also backward compatible with USB 2.0, 1.1, 1.0 standard devices.
  • 【Reinforced & More Durable】Engineered with nickel plated connectors, nylon braided jacket, reinforced joint and aluminum alloy case, the USB extension cable provides stable transmission with the clear optimal signal. The solid and durable two-shade braided nylon material provides stronger protection and flexible performance than others and avoids any potential breakage.
  • 【Long-Lasting Performance Design】The USB extension cable is perfect for protecting the USB sockets of your devices from frequent plugging and unplugging. Moreover, with more than 10,000 bend tests, this advanced USB extender cable is more reliable and bend free, specially designed for a longer lifespan.
  • 【Universal Compatibility】The USB extension cord is widely compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 peripherals including Playstation, Xbox, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, camera, USB flash drive, card reader, hard drive and more devices.


  • I decided I needed a USB extension cable since Apple provided such a short USB-A to Lightning cable with my new iPhone XR. I chose this cable mainly because of its low price. I am very pleased with it. At 6 feet, it is long enough for my needs. I like its braided outer coating; the connectors on each end appear very well made. When I connected the cable to my charging block and my charging cable to the extension cable, the connections were firm and reliable. What more could I ask for?
  • Observations: This cable has a thick jacket and good conductor size. Over the 10 foot length, there is some minor power loss, but I will gladly trade that for being able to keep my devices in the shade. I have this set up in our backyard, the solar panel goes on the wall, and the 10-foot cable allows me to keep the device on the porch.
  • This cable seems very sturdy in design and is long enough that I can place it anywhere that I need to. I’ve been frustrated with my keyboard for quite a while. The lag time on it was driving me crazy. When I was researching replacement keyboards a review mentioned lag time & how they thought it was their keyboard. Turns out they just needed to extend the USB port on the back of their computer. I’m grateful to that reviewer because they saved me a lot of money. I tried their solution of a USB cable extension & it worked! No more lagging keyboard. Very happy that now I do not have to replace my keyboard as it is of a design that is comfortable for me to work on.

No.8 Amazon Basics USB Extension Cable

Amazon Basics USB Extension Cable

Main Features

  • Two 6-foot-long USB 3.0 A-Male to A-Female high-speed extension cables
  • Extends your USB connection to your computer by 6 feet; for use with printers, cameras, mice, keyboards and other USB computer peripherals
  • Constructed with corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors for optimal signal clarity and shielding to minimize interference
  • Features shielding that provides protection against noise from electromagnetic and radio-frequency signals, keeping your signal clear with less loss of bandwidth for higher performance
  • USB 3.0 uses less power, but has increased power output – up to 4.8 Gbit/s. Compared with the USB 2.0 transmission speed, USB 3.0 is 10 times faster


  • It works. I mean what else can I say? It’s a USB extension cable. It’s not going to make you more attractive to the opposite sex (or the same, if that’s your thing…) It’s not going to buy you a beer, but it’s a USB shielded arm around your shoulder and commiserate you for not being attractive. It won’t drive you to the ball game to hang out with your friends to forget your worries. And it certainly won’t bail you out of jail when you do something stupid like drink too much beer, scream at geese in the park and chase them into the water. I mean what kind of a friend is this USB cable anyway? I give it a place to stay, it uses my computer all the time, and I think it’s eyeing my SCSI ports. And after I rescued it from the depths of a warehouse somewhere! I mean that’s friendship for you, isn’t it? And I think it’s eating all my popcorn too!
  • These are pretty much my go-to cables. They seem bulletproof all the time – data just flows through them like water through a hose and I have to encounter any problems at all with them. I have daisy-chained them before as well, admittedly only out of curiosity to see if it would work. I joined two of these three-meter cables up with two other shorter ones and data still flowed perfectly. No glitches. No obvious speed lag (mind, they were all the same USB3 cables, and none were USB2).

No.7 VCZHS USB Extension Cable

VCZHS USB Extension Cable

Main Features

  • USB Extension Cable Connector: USB 3.0 A Male to A Female 22/28AWG
  • USB 3.0 Extension Cord Offers a throughput of up to 4.8Gbps when used with a USB 3.0 host and device,an astounding 10x the capability of USB 2.0 (480Mbps)
  • USB 3.0 Extender Backwards compatible with USB 2.0,1.1,1.0
  • USB3.0 extension, fast transmission rate; Double foil shield and inner membrane bilayer; Anti-interference safe and stable transmission; Twisted-pair cable, transfer rate up to 5 Gbps.
  • Long USB Extension Cable for Oculus VR, Xbox, Flash drives, Hard drives, Printers, Mouse, Keyboards and USB hubs within reach from behind the desk or across the room


  • I connected a digital camera for streaming church services. The camera came with a long USB cord. To put the laptop in a convenient spot, I tried a regular USB extension cord. This did not work. Since some devices are picky about USB 2.0 vs. 3.0, I bought both a VCZHS USB 3.0 Extension Cable and a VCZHS USB 2.0 Extension Cable. I put both in series with each other to connect a camera through a USB hub on my desk to a laptop. (If the signal can pass through both, then either could work for that camera). The signal made it through this combination, so I tried the 3.0 cable with the camera at church. It works great. Now the laptop is in a convenient place and the streaming is rock solid.
  • I bought this cable to extend the distance over which a webcam could send a signal to my computer. Because the length of this cable is right at (or slightly EXCEEDS) the physical length limitation for USB signal transmission, the signal from the camera is “scratchy” and the image is less-than-clear-and-stable. I gave this cable a 4-star rating because it is well-made, durable, and does transmit a signal. But it does have clear limits as to the quality of that signal when it arrives at the computer. Plugged directly into the USB 3 port, the webcam works perfectly; when this cable is used to extend that connection, the signal is quite noticeably compromised. My suggestion — if you have to exceed a distance of ten feet or so between your USB device and your computer, get a system that amplifies the signal or a more heavily shielded (and, of course, more expensive) cable!

No.6  NIMASO USB Extension Cable

NIMASO USB Extension Cable

Main Features

  • Extend USB A Connection: NIMASO USB extension cable is an easy way to extends your USB connection to the computer(Mac/PC), as well as a variety of USB peripherals such as Hubs, Printers, Playstation, Xbox, Card Readers, Bluetooth Adapters, USB Flash Drives, Scanners, Hard Drives, Monitors, Mouse, Keyboard without any hysteresis or loss of data.
  • USB 3.0 Fast Charging & Data Syncing: The USB 3.0 extension cable offers SuperSpeed data transmission speed up to 5Gbps, 10X faster than USB2.0 cable. Supports fast charging, the charging speed is up to 2A, if your adapter and charging cable support fast charging.
  • Universal Compatibility: The USB male to female extension cable is compatible with all USB A devices, plug and play, No drivers required on any OS, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, etc. Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 standard devices.
  • A Decade Usage: Upgraded USB end with metal shell and top aluminum alloy connector, can bear 20,000 plug test, provides you fancy texture with good hand-feeling; Nylon braided material offers stronger protection, won’t bunching, tangle or knots, no matter how you fold them; Constructed with multiple layers of shielding to minimize interference, corrosion-resistant, effectively prolong the cable service life.


  • I ordered these cables for simple use to extend power to a lamp, which they were perfect for. since they came in a set, I used the other 6′ one for USB 3 data transfer just to see and it worked perfectly with no speed drop from directly plugging into the port (not a technical test, but a high-quality fast drive, see other reviews for Crystal Diskmark scores). They appear to be very well built since I only needed one, and a good cut off cable is actually of use to me for other projects – I will try to sacrifice one and disassemble to update this review with pictures and do a more in-depth review if I get around to it, but I don’t expect to be anything but impressed from what I have seen thus far.
  • These cards work great for my usage, namely a power-supply extension for a security cam. (Actual video data transfer takes place wirelessly,) Thus I can’t speak to their signal-carrying prowess, but I have no reason to doubt it, and the lengths are certainly well within the USB specifications so there won’t be any issues there.
  • What more can I say except they work. Not sure what you need this set for, but I used them to extend some cords on my headset that was just a bit too short. The asking price is generous as these have nothing I can really complain about. They’re tough and come with a Velcro band to make them not too long. Seriously. It’s a good buy. Right before writing this review here, I took them out to take a picture right? Realized I only had 1 visible and had to look for the other. Turns out I had dropped my exploration bag right on top of the tip. I picked up my bag kind of expecting that tip to be squashed but it was perfectly fine. Works like the day I bought it. If you’re on the fence, don’t be. You won’t be disappointed.

No.5 Sabrent USB Extension Cable

Sabrent USB Extension Cable

Main Features

  • High performance USB 3.0 extension cable extends the connection between a computer or Windows tablet and both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 peripherals including hard drives, USB hubs, mice, keyboards, flash drives, printers, and more
  • Upgrade to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and future-proof your data transfer rate while maintain backwards compatibility with your existing USB 2.0 devices
  • Enjoy SuperSpeed USB 3.0 data transfer rate at up to 5 Gbps, 10x faster than USB 2.0
  • Features shielding that provides protection against noise from electromagnetic and radio-frequency signals, keeping your signal clear with less loss of bandwidth for higher performance


  • Have been buying Sabrent products for many years so we trust the quality. Saw this one in white, at a nice price on Amazon; It arrived in a nice packet, was nicely wound, and has worked perfectly from the first date of use, regardless of which port it happens to find itself in.
  • There are many brands of USB 3.0 cables floating about for sale, some claim they’re active, some claim only to be ordinary ‘male to female’ USB extensions. This Sabrent cable wasn’t advertised as an ‘active’ or a repeater extension, but it seems to carry the data without a hiccup about as well as the two powered ‘active’ extensions we use which each have two chips and a wall-wart power source. Drive back up and data transfer without a hitch. Don’t know how much better a longer, non-powered, non-active Sabrent would be, but will buy one the next time to rate. This one receives 5 stars.
  • Works as a USB 3.0 cable should with no perceptible drop in speed during long file transfers. This will NOT work though with an Oculus Rift, which is what I originally bought it for. The cable, combined with the length of the factory Oculus cable, is just too long for passive USB. The headset reconnects and disconnects constantly when using this cable. A 3 foot USB cable works fine and this cable works fine for all other purposes to which I’ve put it to use. To be clear, this problem is not the fault of the cable, but I did want to save others the headache of using it for this purpose.

No. 4 CableCreation USB Extension Cable

CableCreation USB Extension Cable

Main Features

  • High performance USB 3.0 extension cable extends your USB connection to the computer or Mac by 3ft, for use with Oculus VR, Playstation, Xbox, USB Flash Drive, Hard Drive, Card Reader, Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, Scanner, Camera and other USB computer peripherals
  • USB 3.0 uses less power, but has increased power output – up to 5Gbps, 10 times faster than USB 2.0 transfer rate, while maintain backwards compatibility with your existing USB 2.0 devices
  • Unique design for angled space gray nylon braided cable with aluminum alloy case, flexible and durable, Plug & Play on universal system, no driver required
  • The combination of gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil & braid shielding provides superior cable performance and error-free data transmission


  • I was looking for a USB 3.0 short extension for some devices like SD card readers or WIFI adapters that were too big to fit in some tight situations. My biggest concern was about speed slowing down. I can safely say that there is ZERO speed slow down. These cables just work and they are machined perfectly. The quality is very nice.
  • These are great, I’ve used them on extending my 4k webcam cable, the sensor for my Occulus, Elgato streamdeck and pretty much anything you can think of that would require them. I DEFINITELY recommend them 🙂

No.3 CableCreation 4-Port USB Extension Cable

 CableCreation 4-Port USB Extension Cable

Main Features

  • USB Multiport Expansion: add 4 USB 3.0 ports to your PC, desktop or computer for attaching USB stick, wired keyboard, mouse, card reader, external hard drives and other USB peripheral; Extra ports without messy cords on the desk; Plug and play, easy setup.
  • Extra Durability & Ultra Extension: sturdy, robust and solid aluminium housing, 4.9ft extension long cord reaches your rear or bottom USB port from your PC without leaning over your body.
  • Widely Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, macOS, Linux systems; Backward compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1. ; high speed usb hub (up to 5Gbps) for Macbook, Macbook Pro/mini, Ultrabooks, Surface Pro, iMac, Surface, XPS, PS4, PS5, thumb drives, mobile HDD, Bluetooth transmitter, Rasberry pi controllers, security camera DVR system, etc.
  • Special Notes: 1. this hub is not recommended for charging; 2.wireless devices may suffer from possible USB 3.0 radio frequency interference; 3. external hard-drives should be connected to an external power source ( devices connected to the hub should not exceed a combined current of 5 volts 900 mAh.)


  • Works perfectly fine this is not for charging your phone that is not how splitters work and you shouldn’t be charging in any data ports USB 2 is the only 500ma and USB 3 700ma any modern device needs at least 1 amp use your brain or buy a power boosted splitter FOR CHARGING. Don’t complain because it doesn’t work with your Apple product what did you expect with a second-rate operating SYSTEM. the only complaint is the ridiculously bright green light that will keep you up at night.
  • A very nice piece of equipment, especially considering the price. I like that the case is made from aluminum. It has a robust feel to it and is quite heavy for its size. Worked fine from the moment I plugged it in, no problems here. I’m using this on a USB 3 port on my PC to charge my tablet and/or phone, use a USB stick, and run a Bluetooth transmitter. All good! It has a green LED to indicate that it’s working. So far, so good. However, if you look at the LED directly from straight above, the light is incredibly bright! So much that it blinds you. That’s somewhat annoying, as it prevents me from positioning the hub in the way I’d prefer. Not a biggie, though. If you look at it at an angle, it’s fine.

No. 2 Power Strip with USB, Addtam ETL Certificate Flat Plug Extension Cord 

Power Strip with USB, Addtam ETL Certificate Flat Plug Extension Cord

Main Features

  • 【Desktop Power Strip with USB】3 AC outlets and 3 smart USB ports desktop power strip flat plug can charge 6 electrical devices or electronics simultaneously, such as tablets, laptops, lamps, cameras, phones, etc. This small power strip supports a range of voltage 100-240V. ( Rated 13A/125V/1625W)
  • 【Fast & Smart Charging】This flat plug extension cord with 3 USB charging ports provide 3.1A/15.5W in total. Built-in smart charging technology that detects and deliver an ideal input current of up to 5V/2.4A (the actual current is decided by the demand for the devices)
  • 【13A Upgraded Extension Cord & Multi Protections 】5 Ft upgraded braided extension cord makes it tangle-Free and more flexible, elegant, durable and safe. This flat power strip is also protected against over-voltage, over-current, overload, short-circuiting. 1382°F (750°C) Fire-Retardant Shell
  • 【Right Angled Flat Plug & Mountable】The 3-prong grounded right angle flat plug and low-profile flat plug keeps your other wall outlets free and fits easily in tight spaces. 2 keyhole slots and screw fixation design enable it to be mounted on a wall or fixed it on the desk


  • This is a Nice power hub with USB ports. I got it for my kids desks since they have so many devices that need to get charged. I really like the aesthetics of this charger, it is a clean block and the outlets are widely spaced to leave room for computer chargers and larger adaptors. The three USB ports lessen the visual impact of charger blocks. It has a flat plug so fits nicely behind furniture. The hub charges evenly and reliably with no overheating. It can also be mounted to the wall or back of desk.
  • This weighted power strip is perfect for placing on my desk, so the outlets for various power supplies are readily accessible. I really like the pliable braided cord. I have one single outlet with an on/off switch plugged into this, so I can turn my floor lamp on or off without having to leave my desk.
  • I really like this adapter! I have several devices to charge up and plug in at the same time and this adapter does it all. It is placed at my bedside so my lamp sitting on the side table is plugged in, it is nice and tight so it doesn’t slip out like the last adapter I was struggling with. I am able to charge my I Phone, I Pad and hearing aid charger with no power boxes any more. It is just great to slip them into the slot and stay put. The cord is a good length to come up and onto my bed from the floor. A big struggle is now erased from my life! Thank you for this charging device, it is perfection!

No. 1 CableCreation USB Extender Cable

CableCreation USB Extender Cable

Main Features

  • 【Connectivity & Compatibility】USB 3.0 active extension cable features signal booster design with built-in NXP chip perfectly avoid attenuation for long-distance data transfer, great for extending the USB connection from popular VR devices such as Oculus Rift Sensor ( ★not working with Oculus Rift S★), Oculus Quest Link, Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Valve Index VR, CCTV camera, Hard Drive, Mouse, gamepad, Xbox, Printer and most popular USB devices.
  • 【Super Speed】USB 3.0 data transfer rate up to 5Gbps, which allows you to transfer HD movies or files in just seconds. ★ONLY work with USB 3.0 peripheralss, so please make sure to connect USB 3.0 port at both ends to ensure optimal performance.★
  • 【Extend & Protect USB Port】 with this USB 3 extension cord, no need to squeeze yourself to the back of the TV or desktop to connect USB disk or other USB peripherals anymore; protecting the USB sockets on your devices from repeatedly pluging and unpluging.
  • 【Compact Design】gold plated connectors for optimal signal clarity, built with foil and braided shield to minimize EMI / RFI interference and efficiently reduce signal loss; premium USB 3.0 repeater cable engineered with molded strain relief connectors for durability and grip treads.


  • I used this cable to extend the reach of a third Oculus Rift Sensor for use with Room-scale VR. It works flawlessly with my three-camera setup, right out of my X99 motherboard’s rear I/O panel, without the need for an additional USB add-on card or powered hub. It even works with an additional passive 6ft extender cable hooking it into the PC, never once dropping from USB 3.0 speeds to USB 2.0. It’s rock-solid, perfect, and quite premium. I know that other cables from other manufacturers are sometimes recommended for these setups, and are even said to be just as flawless, but this cable did the job for me when the most recommended brand wouldn’t work at all. If you’ve got an Oculus Rift and you’re looking for a 16ft USB 3.0 extender that works, then look no further. This cable is excellent.
  • I bought this to extend the cable on an Oculus Rift sensor with the vague sense of dread that comes with knowing it seems to be a bit of a lottery as to whether extension cables are compatible with them. I’d done some research beforehand and signs seemed to be positive so I gave it a go and to my relief, it works just fine. It’s a thick but still reasonably flexible cable with certain room for a decent level of shielding inside but I’m not going to hack it in half to check so I’m just going to have to go on performance which has been pretty flawless for what I’ve needed it to do with no drop-outs of connection and no weird tracking quirks which, to be honest, is enough to convince me this is more than good enough quality for any other kind of use I’d need a USB extension cable for as I generally found the Oculus delighted in dropping connection with the sensor with even the mildest excuse.
  • Bought it to extend the range of my Oculus Rift Sensor and works a treat! The cable is of good quality and is quite flexible. Using the Rift Sensor, the Oculus Home software reports the Sensor as plugged into a USB 3 port and tracking is rock solid. The cable came coiled up in a thick plastic re-sealable bag. When the cable is uncoiled, it lies quite straight without wanting to re-coil itself, so laying around the outside of the room was pain-free. If you want to place Oculus Sensors farther from your PC (5m to be exact), this is the cable to get!