The Galaxy Cram School” With Four Golden Words For Parents: Education Of Children, You Truly Use The Right Method

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Galaxy Cram is a film about a father’s love for his son.
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Deng Chao’s Ma Haowen, an engineering designer with a promising future in the film, is imprisoned for “taking the blame” for his unit and misses seven years of his son Ma Fei’s development.

When they meet again, the head teacher refers to his son as “a briquette that can’t become a diamond even if washed” and orders him to drop out of school.

Ma’s unique approach to guiding children’s interests and developing their independent thinking fosters their development, which is the polar opposite of the director’s emphasis on “the concept of promotion rate.”

The film’s main dramatic conflict is created by the two opposing educational concepts, prompting the audience to consider an important theme: what type of education is best for children?

What is the best type of education for children?

In the film, Ma Fei’s homeroom teacher pays a visit to Ma Haowen and asks her the following question.

“How can you deepen your impression of knowledge if you don’t repeatedly prep and review?” “When other kids do homework until 11 o’clock, do you still have time to let Ma Fei play on the computer?”

Ma Haowen asked the class teacher, using the analogy of a steamed bun, if steaming a steamed bun over and over again would be better than a freshly steamed bun.

“Learning and learning,” the teacher in the classroom to teach and instill knowledge, students through continuous practice recitation so that they do not forget, this has been a highly respected learning method since ancient times.

Huang Zhen, vice president of Shanghai Jiaotong University and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), stated in a special interview with Xinhua’s National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC): “I often call it “filling a bucket full of water” to increase mastery of the so-called knowledge points through repeated learning, but I think real education is not “filling

Let’s see how Ma Haowen uses the movie’s big “golden words” to “light the fire.”

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“You’ll never have to ask me about your own company.”

In the film, Ma Fei is lying in bed when he notices his father working and asks, “Can I stay awake too?”

Instead of refusing, ordering, or lecturing his son, Ma Haowen said, “You never have to ask me about your own affairs.”

Ma Fei was given unexpected freedom, but looking at his father, he also picked up the textbook and carefully read it.

How many parents can tell what is their children’s own business and give their children their own business back?

Most parents, on the other hand, prefer to intervene and control their children’s lives through lectures, orders, and punishments.

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As a result, the child loses initiative and faith in his or her own ability to do things, and confronts the parent willfully.
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According to one parent, she once urged her 11-year-old son to do his homework.

He had already stood up and then sat down again, saying something perplexing: “You said I was going to go, and now I’m not going!”

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Actions, like Ma Haowen, speak louder than words; returning items to children and influencing them through physical actions is more effective than saying it a hundred times.

The child’s sense of accomplishment stems not from following the parent’s orders, but from making and carrying out responsible decisions on my own, which is the beginning of personal inner strength.

“Don’t believe everything you hear.”

Ma Fei’s teachers told him from a young age that he was “missing a string,” and even his mother said, “He’s already stupid.”

The principal repeatedly stated that “no matter how much you wash a briquette, it will never become a diamond.”

As a result, Ma Fei referred to himself as a child who “would make his father cry.”

“Everyone says you’re a loser, a fool, and a dumbass, but Daddy believes you’re not, and never will be! You’re the smartest kid on the planet!” said Ma Haowen emphatically.

These words were like a ray of light shining into the darkness of Ma Fei’s life, which had been plagued by denial and blow for quite some time.

Light began to shine in his eyes, and his desire to learn and inner strength returned.

We can’t say that the words “you are the smartest kid on the planet” influenced Ma Fei’s life. But these words gave Ma Fei hope in the midst of despair, and they made him cherish his preciousness when he was lost.

Then do what I do, love what I love, and listen to my heart, no questions asked.

Words have sway. A negative word can ruin a child, but a word of encouragement can bring a million times the power of motivation.

Too many children in our community are destroyed by irresponsible verbal violence from parents and educators, and they are labeled with a variety of derogatory terms.

These labels become internalized over time, leading them to believe that they are truly as bad as others claim.

The less lovable a child is, the more love he or she requires.

Children need to be seen, affirmed, and encouraged, and even in the worst of circumstances, there is something to be encouraged.

“In such a short time, you went from the bottom of the class to the bottom of the class, I told you, you’re a genius!” exclaimed Ma Haowen after Ma Fei scored 63 points on the test.

He looked at Ma Fei with admiration in his eyes, leading Ma Fei to suspect that he was the teenager Stephen Hawking.

Ma Haowen stated that he sent Ma Fei to the best “Galaxy Cram School” to make the child feel special, which is the greatest encouragement.

Healthy encouragement helps to develop a child’s internal evaluation system. It doesn’t matter what others say; what matters is how I see myself, and that is the source of my inner strength!

“Keep your mind straight and spinning straight.”

In one scene, Ma Haowen stands on a dike, facing a raging flood, and defiantly uses a loudspeaker to tell his son, who is unsure if he is alive, to say

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“Take a look around you! Think of something, use your brain, you can get out, you can get out!”

“Keep your brain thinking straight and spinning straight, you can think of a way out!” Ma Haowen frequently told Ma Fei.

This phrase saved Ma Fei’s life at a critical point when he built a raft out of a door panel and a bed sheet and allowed himself to escape from the flood-ravaged house.

Making a raft is not covered in any textbook, but it is something that a child of a few years old could possibly think of.

Indoctrination allows children to achieve high scores and pass tests, but when problems arise, they may be unsure what to do, and “high scores and low ability” is a common phenomenon.

Allow your child to learn how to study, master study skills, develop independent thinking and problem-solving skills, and have the courage to face life, which is a treasure that will benefit your child for the rest of his or her life.

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“Tsinghua University is a process, not a destination.”

Ma Haowen asked his son why he wanted to study, and Ma Fei replied, “Ah, mom said, to get into Tsinghua and Peking University.”

Is getting into a prestigious university the ultimate goal of students who have worked hard for years?

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There is a scene in the film where white pieces of paper are flying through the sky, commemorating a ceremony in which students who performed well on the college entrance exam tear up books to commemorate their graduation.

“Study hard now, and you’ll be liberated after the college entrance exam!” I’m sure many people have heard.

This phrase irritates university professors because many students arrive at university and then completely slacken off, believing that the goal has been met, causing the university to muddle through.

Ma Haowen stated that Tsinghua and Peking University are only the means to an end. Life is analogous to archery, and dreams are analogous to targets. What’s the point of drawing the bow every day if you can’t even find the target?

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Ma Fei discovered his dream at a young age and worked hard to achieve it.

When the principal begged Ma Fei to forego his pilot interview and take the college entrance exam in order to restore the school’s former glory, Ma Fei refused without hesitation.

“My father told me that people should do whatever they want,” he explained.

He went on to become a pilot and, later, an astronaut, having been chosen from among thousands of applicants for the space program.

Many parents will tell their children that life is a straight line, and that getting a good job at a prestigious school is the peak to which they must continue to climb. Few parents will tell their children to pursue their passions.

Many children experience setbacks and collapse because they do not enjoy doing things, have no dreams, see the setback as the end of life, and believe they are finished from then on.

In reality, life is a circle with no end, every moment is important, understand this, only to enjoy the process, only when the success of happy celebration, failure to tell themselves nothing, just like Ma Fei’s motto, “as long as I think straight, I think of a way.”

These words, which are simply a daily conversation between a father and his child, provide a roadmap for the development of a child’s life.

May we be able to truly be there for our children, to help them, to give them enough time and space to experience life, to make mistakes, to make their own decisions, and to take responsibility for boldly following their dreams.

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