McIntosh MAC7200 Review

“Black shiny panel, green brand logo, lake blue power meter” I believe that anyone who knows a little about audio can tell that this is McIntosh from the United States after hearing this description. Over the years, McIntosh’s brand image has been firmly rooted in people’s hearts, and many loyal fans have followed all the way. I remember, once interviewed such an enthusiast, he said that no matter how to upgrade, he would only choose McIntosh’s power amplifier products because of McIntosh’s appearance’s McIntosh is very recognizable and very consistent. McIntosh, its voice moved him, and the intense stylization made him fall in love with it.

McIntosh logo

In addition to sticking to the appearance and image, McIntosh also has an unswerving technology, Unity Coupled Circuit. It is the application of this technology, regardless of whether it is in the transformation of tube models or transistor models, McIntosh has always maintained its unique charm. That is also because McIntosh’s products have never been cheap.

As audio equipment continues to skyrocket, McIntosh’s price has to be said to be more and more realistic and close to the people. Especially in recent years, McIntosh has also launched some products that follow the trend and cater to the young consumer market. MHP1000 earphones, MHA100 decoding/headphone amplifier, MHA150 decoding/headphone amplifier, MXA80 mini audio combination, RS100 premium wireless speaker system, MHA50 portable DAC/headphone amplifier, etc.


While maintaining the same tone of voice, it has made subtle adjustments in keeping with the times. As long as you compare it a little, it is not difficult to find that McIntosh’s new generation has a very gratifying improvement in speed and control.

McIntosh MAC7200 is technically classified as a receiver because it comes with a built-in AM/FM tuner. While it has the unique charm of McIntosh, the sound is more sunny and energetic. Its body size and power output are precisely the same as the original MA7900, and even the appearance is very similar, except that the 5 EQ knobs of the MA7900 are removed. It is very curious, what is the difference between the two amplifiers? It turns out that MAC7200 has made significant changes in the digital input part. The DA1 digital module is used. The advantage is that it is easy to replace. In the future, as long as digital technology is innovated, replace with the digital module, MAC7200 will always keep up with the pace in the digital field.

mcintosh mac7200 DA1 digital module

Great Tuner

McIntosh has been manufacturing tuners since the 1950s. They are one of McIntosh’s signature products. The breakthrough MR78 FM tuner launched in 1972 is considered a classic in the audio industry. The built-in AM/FM tuner of MAC7200 comes from the same excellent McIntosh tuner series. It will receive your favorite radio stations with unparalleled clarity and distortion-free realism. Its advanced signal quality monitor can monitor the noise level to fine-tune the antenna layout for optimal reception. Dedicated preset and tuning knobs make radio operation more convenient. It provides 20 presets for each radio band and a remote AM antenna.

Powerful Input / Output Interfaces

From the input interface, we can see McIntosh’s rapid response to market changes. In line with the “digital trend” high-spec DAC decoder, the DA1 module of MAC7200 adopts Quad Balanced 8-channel push-pull mode input, 32-bit digital-to-analog conversion (DAC), coaxial and optical input support up to 24-bit / 192kHz high-quality lossless audio playback. USB input supports 32-bit/384kHz PCM signals and supports Gundam DSD256 and DXD384kHz. This DA1 digital input module is equipped with USB, optical fiber, and RCA coaxial input. The most remarkable thing is that it has McIntosh’s proprietary MCT interface to connect to its own MCT450 SACD/CD turntable.

mcintosh mac7200 back panel interface 1

McIntosh MAC7200 has the complete input and output interface, which can be used to cover everything. High-quality MM and MC phono inputs make it easy for you to immerse yourself in vinyl fun. Besides, there are two preamp outputs and one headphone output, which can handle all listening needs in one machine.

The output power of 200 watts can drive most of the speakers, and it also takes into account the headphone amplifier output (HXD), which fully meets the different listening needs of users.

The appearance of the McIntosh MAC7200 Receiver is, of course, the same as the previous McIntosh models. It isn’t straightforward to distinguish the difference between the previous generation products. But as long as you observe, you will find that the most significant change lies in McIntosh’s Logo, “Mc”, quietly integrated into the heat sink. That is the scale and wisdom of McIntosh’s long-term development.

McIntosh Monggrammed Heatsinks

The brand-new heat sink not only enhances the brand’s recognition, but it is also crowned with McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks technology. This hybrid heat dissipation technology can effectively improve the heat dissipation performance. The transistor amplifier components work in a stable temperature range and maintain the best Sound quality played. It can also adapt to higher working hours, which is undoubtedly a boon for super fans. Because it sounds good, it is durable, and because it is durable, the more I love to listen!

Other Features

  • Power Guard®: The microcomputer monitors multiple protection circuits to prevent the speakers’ damage when peak output occurs.
  • Sentry Monitor™: The current monitoring protection circuit can reduce the impact on the audio circuit. After the short circuit problem is eliminated, it will automatically return to normal operation.
  • Home Theater PassThru: Once turned on, the audio signal will skip the pre-amplifier circuit and directly enter the power amplifier module
  • Power Control: Power control technology, automatically shut down within 30 minutes without any signal.
  • Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD®): This technology allows headphones to sound more open, just like listening to a two-channel speaker system.
  • Bass and treble tone controls and gold-plated speaker binding posts, etc. ​​​​​​​​​​
McIntosh MAC7200 front panel

The recommended speaker with McIntosh MAC7200 is the new flagship model Venere S from Italy’s Sonus Faber Venere series. Sonus Faber speakers are undoubtedly one of the rare audio brands that can perfectly integrate technology and art. Founder and designer Franco Serblin enjoy a lofty status in the audio industry. The design concept of hand-made logs and the essence of musical instruments have always been the two significant elements throughout Sonus Faber products.

With the development of the brand, the Sonus Faber brand has gone through the acquisition and management changes of Quadrivio SGR, Fine Sound, McIntosh Group, and other groups. Perhaps for Sonus Faber audiophiles, every change will cause worries about the brand’s development, but it is undeniable that the new design team of Sonus Faber has taken over. Apart from the unshakable core idea of the brand, the product design style is innovative and energetic. The group operation of the McIntosh Group is the cornerstone of the brand’s long-term development, and it is indeed fortunate that the brand can continue to last.

Sonus Faber Venere S Floor-Standing Speaker

The Venere series of Sonus Faber is a series derived from the technology decentralization of Aida. The “S” of Venere S stands for Signature and is the Venere series’s flagship floor-standing speaker. From design to manufacturing are all done at Sonus Faber’s factory in Arcugnano, Italy. Venere S follows the design style of Lyre of this series. The front is wide, and the rear is narrow, and the cabinet with curved side panels permeates changes in detail. The Bass port has been moved from the front panel to the speaker’s bottom, with the more powerful low-frequency output from the three-way woofer and effectively reducing parasitic vibration.

Sonus Faber venus s

As we all know, the cabinet design that eliminates parallel planes can effectively reduce standing waves, and Venere S is also coated with a unique damping material. The base support nail with zero vibration transmission can minimize the vibration of the box. The most direct listening experience is that the sound’s transient response, clarity, and resolution have been greatly improved. The use of the glass top plate and brushed aluminum horn frame adds a lot of texture changes and fashionable elements to the appearance, which can be better integrated into modern home decoration.

Sound Performance

Whenever you want to listen to and evaluate Sonus Faber’s speakers with McIntosh MAC7200, you will always think of the Italian Violin. The famous Italian violinist Salvatore Accardo performed Niccolo Paganini’s “Diabolus in Musica” is even more preferred. In the album, Arcado uses a famous violin “Firebird” made in 1718 by “The King of Violin” Antonio Stradivari. This light, elegant, and refreshing sweet sound quality of Violin is vividly captured. The high-frequency extension of the Violin is endless, and the overall sound is clear and transparent. DG’s ace recording engineer Gunter Hermanns made this album a classic. And Venere S, as always, brings the advantages of Sonus Faber to the fullest.

mcintosh mac7200 feature 2

The album “Original music for cello and guitar” is selected from the two albums previously recorded by cellist Michael Kevin Jones and Spanish classical guitar master Agustin Maruri. Among them are Friedrich Burgmüller, Max Georg Baumann, Pedro Saenz, Nicholas Marshall, Stepán Rak, Alain Mitéran, Francesco Telli, Pedro Olaya and many other classical music composers specially composed for cello and guitar. The proficient performance techniques of the two masters and the excellent collection of Spanish EMEC Classical Recording Company combine the cello’s steady and vigorous sound with the clear and pure sound quality of the guitar, which makes the whole album exudes a sense of selfless maturity. Self-established characteristics.

After the tenderness is over, it should be the test of the so-called bursting of significant dynamics. Drum music “Fujiyama Crysta” by Ondekoza comes on stage. By visiting Mount Fuji, the author uses the mountain view as a metaphor for a sad mood. The drum heads of different shapes and sizes complement each other, and there are explosive tension and a deep sense of mystery between the movement and the stillness. It is a bass audition disc prepared by audiophiles. The combination of McIntosh MAC7200 and Sonus Faber Venere S passed the test perfectly.

Fujiyama Crysta - Ondekoza


The charm of audio is not only sound quality but also a close distance between everyone. I think the combination of Mcintosh MAC7200 and Sonus Faber Venere S floor-standing speaker has such a charm. It is precisely because the McIntosh Group currently owns McIntosh and Sonus Faber, there will be more exchanges and communications in technology and design. It is hoped that these two classic brands can work together to cope with the times’ constant changes and move towards a farther future.