Magneplanar MG .7 Speakers

Magnepan MG .7 Review

The attractiveness of the Magnepan speaker lies in the sound beauty and the large area of ​​natural-sounding, while the strength of the Magnepan MG .7 speaker lies in its small size, which does not hinder the space and is more mobile, more flexible.

Although its size is small, its sound area is still better than most traditional moving coil-type speakers. It is even better, and it can play a big sound picture in a limited space and less ideal positioning!

Magnepan, as a representative brand of electromagnetic flat-panel speakers, gave me the most profound impression that it has a unique shape design look. The .7 speakers, like other models under Magnepan, have an ultra-thin size of 15×54×l inches (W×H×D). 


It should be emphasized that MG .7 The difference between the speaker and the electrostatic speaker, which is also a flat diaphragm. Magnepan discards the EHT (Extra High Voltage) power supply necessary for the electrostatic speaker, so it does not need to be plugged in. 

Like Magnepan’s MG-l.7, the mid-low frequency unit is called “Ouasi Ribbon/Planar-Magnctic Driver”. These two unique unit technologies are the exclusive patents of Magnepan. They have maintained the products under the Magnepan factory in the audio market for many years.

About Magnepan

Jim Winey, the founder of Magnepan, is both an engineer and an audiophile. He became obsessed with Quad ESL(electrostatic loudspeaker) more than 40 years ago. After understanding its strengths and weaknesses, he was inspired to develop a flat diaphragm that does not require a high voltage. That is, there is no need for the plug-in. Flat diaphragm speakers are as convenient to use as passive speakers, which is the key to their acceptance in the market.

Jim Winey’s most significant breakthrough in developing a large-plane flat diaphragm driver was creating his exclusive technology. All Magnepan speakers are based on flexible ferrite magnet strips (like refrigerator magnets), 0.060″ (1.5 mm) thick, typically cut to either 1/4″ (6 mm) wide (mid-bass) or 1/8″ (3 mm) wide (tweeters) and more or less the length of the speaker. 

Magnepan .7

The steel supports the magnets and completes the magnetic circuit on the back of the magnets, resulting in a 25% stronger magnetic field. Mylar film, 0.0005″ (12.5 μm) thick, is suspended in front of the magnet structure about 1/16″ (1.6 mm) away from the magnets. Aluminum wires or film are then glued to the mylar.

The Planar-Magnetic speakers’ diaphragm material is less affected by moisture. That allows audiophiles to more conveniently enjoy the advantages of the large flat diaphragm of the speaker.

Advantage for planar magnetic speaker

1. The extremely thin diaphragm brings the advantages of revealing sound details and delicacy, followed by a higher degree of sound reproduction, of course;

2. The uniform sounding method of the entire diaphragm, compared to the speaker composed of multi-moving coil units, can maximize the avoidance of crosstalk distortion between the units.

3. The sound experience is different. The moving coil active speaker is most likely to make an equalization in the sound display.

The flat diaphragm has no cabinet and is not affected by the box sound, internal diffuse reflection, and other factors, and it is not as restrictive as the pointing range of the moving coil unit.

Magnepan .7 review

Therefore, it is more similar to the balanced frequency bands, with no delay and a large area in all directions. Show. Therefore, the image’s shape, scale, and realism of spatial restoration are also more advantageous;

4. The sound source of the moving coil unit has higher directivity requirements and higher positioning requirements. If you want to get a reasonable image, you must arrange it carefully. Then only listen in the sweet spot to get the best results.

The advantage of the surface sound source is that the directivity is not so cramped, and the sweet spot range is enlarged. The listener does not need to be too demanding to fix themselves in a specific position, and they can listen in a more extensive range and meet their requirements.


Magnepan’s MG .7 loudspeaker is developed based on the excellent MG-I.7 speaker. Mg .7 still adopts the Planar-Magnetic design and the unique “Quasi aluminum ribbon” technology. So that the whole loudspeaker has a more transparent high frequency, a wide intermediate frequency, and a deeper low frequency, compared with the traditional moving coil type speakers have more advantages.

The Magnepan Mg .7 speaker adopts a two-channel structure, and the built-in Quasi Ribbon sound unit can present excellent sound performance. My most profound impression of .7 speakers is that they bring exquisite and delicate sound enjoyment. It can replay the relaxation of the music and gradually show a thick and solid sound, bringing a pleasant sound enjoyment.

Magnepan MG .7 loudspeaker

Compared with the traditional dynamic speaker, the .7 speaker has many advantages. The traditional dynamic speaker unit will be overwhelming in some frequency bands, especially when the volume is loud. As a result, there will be a situation where the sound is exhausted. On the other hand, the Magnepan mg .7 loudspeakers do not have this issue. Driven by a pair of mono class-A power amplifiers, they can still sound calmly and effortlessly.

A significant advantage of the Mg .7 speakers is that each weighs only about 27 pounds, so they can be easily moved to fit your room’s needs and position and listen to music easily.

Sound Performance

Magnepan MG .7 can have a more natural and full range of sounds. The high-frequency performance presented by the .7 speakers, through Magnepan’s excellent Quasi Ribbon technology, can better connect with the middle and low frequencies, bringing speed and energy to the sound performance. In addition, using Marantz PM6006 CD6006 CD player as the signal source and McIntosh MC275 MK IV as the power amplifier, the high-frequency extension is better, showing a fuller and more pleasing sound. 

Auld Lang Syne / Bring It On Home To Me” in “ALR JORDAN-Voice 1/The Collection”, the voice alone is enough to touch me! With smooth and detailed, I have felt the power of MG .7. When the singing sounded, I received Rebecca Pidgeon’s sincere expression of emotions and singing. It’s like a natural person standing in front of you, feeling the temperature and humidity. The details can be heard and three-dimensional at the same time. 

Magnepan MG .7 Loudspeaker

The best thing to appreciate is that there is no exaggeration. The saxophone that appeared in the front right, the details are also reflected in the loudness. The dynamic feeling is almost tangible! The sense of space is also as simple as it is hand-held and original.

When it comes to the sense of space, it is precisely what Magnepan MG 0.7 floor-standing speaker is good at. It refers to the sense of space in the sound field and lies in the sense of synchronization that the listener feels that he is in the same space, breathing the same air in the same space. This feeling is unspeakable. You have to experience it personally to know how intimate and touching it is!

Everything comes from the huge amount of details. The powerful ability to reshape the details of the weak tone and the sound is beautiful when it encounters the beautiful recording. Though MG 0.7 is still not a monitoring speaker, the characteristics and effects of recording or other orchestration, good or bad, will be sent out non-selectively. Dealing with real musical instruments is its vital feature.

In “Beethoven Violin Sonatas“, Magnepan Mg .7 speakers also present the rich details of the violin, vivid dynamics, and a clear sense of air. At the same time, the scene has a natural, balanced performance. The violin’s sound is very transparent, and there are many details, showing an exciting texture. Between the ups and downs of the piano, you can feel the musicians wrapped with full of enthusiasm. 

Magnepan .7 Loudspeaker

And in the piano concerto Magnepan Mg .7 , the sound brought by the speaker reveals a crystal clear feeling in the piano keys. What is even more surprising is that the sound texture density in the music is very high, which can tighten the music more and with more tension.

Through the Quasi Ribbon unit technology, this performance will not be tight and rigid but more able to set off the true emotion and strength of the music. Especially in the middle and high frequencies, the Magnepan .7 speaker presents many volumes, with smooth high-frequency extension, and brings natural and rich transparency. This transparency sounds comfortable, and people forget that the mg .7 speaker emits it. It just develops clean and cohesive qualities.


With Magnepan’s unique speaker technology, the Quasi Ribbon sound unit built into the Magnepan Mg .7 speaker can present excellent sound performance. Coupled with the easy-to-drive characteristics and lightweight shape, it is more suitable for many indoor spaces.

Magnepan Mg .7 Specs

  • Description: 2-Way/Quasi Ribbon
  • Frequency Response:45-22kHz ±3dB
  • Sensitivity: 86dB/500Hz /2.83v
  • Impedance: 4 Ω
  • Dimensions: 15¼ w x 54¼ H x 1¼ D inches
  • finishes: Off-white, black, dark grey