Magico TITAN 15 Subwoofer

Magico TITAN 15 Subwoofer Review

Magico’s latest subwoofer, the TITAN 15, is an impressive feat of engineering designed to deliver the most complete, truest, and lowest frequency reproduction possible. Its precision-designed control center features two subwoofers facing each other, enclosed in a closed box of aerospace titanium aluminum alloy. The result is a frequency response that reaches as low as 10Hz, well beyond the range of human hearing.

Magico TITAN 15 Subwoofer

The TITAN 15 boasts a remarkable maximum sound pressure output of 136dB while maintaining a low THD total harmonic distortion of just 1% at 20Hz. Its aluminum alloy sound cone is strong and optimally weighted for exceptional performance.

The subwoofer’s 4-inch high-temperature voice coil is installed on a specially designed 10-inch single frame, ensuring a 1.6-inch linear piston operation. The powerful magnet system can handle a continuous power output of 3,200W while maintaining a stable magnetic field and inductive reactance to minimize distortion.

Magico TITAN 15 Subwoofer

With no compromises in its design, the TITAN 15 is Magico’s latest masterpiece pursuing the best sound performance.

The TITAN 15 subwoofer is built with two monomers facing back-to-back, eliminating excess sound and energy and doubling the cost. The cabinet of the TITAN 15 is constructed using aviation titanium aluminum alloy, which is processed using CNC machining for maximum precision.

Magico TITAN 15 Subwoofer

Inspired by the design concept of the QSUB, the TITAN 15 employs Magico’s exclusive internal structural frame design and advanced damping materials to eliminate any possible cabinet resonance. The high-thickness aviation titanium aluminum alloy cabinet is precisely designed using FEA computer software simulations and actual listening tests to meet the highest standard requirements of Magico.

The result is a firm, stable cabinet with minimal resonance, with the two subwoofers’ back-to-back design canceling any unwanted interference.

Magico TITAN 15 Subwoofer

The TITAN 15 has two powerful 4,800W Class D amplifier outputs, designed by Magico, and the most advanced electronic crossover and DSP control center. Users can precisely set the TITAN 15 to match their main speaker and listening environment, achieving the best performance. To provide the best integration, the TITAN 15 offers a variety of inputs, three groups of settings, signal detection, automatic shutdown, clipping sensor, and overheating protection.

The TITAN 15 subwoofer has a strong current demand that requires two power cables, each with an independent switch. The subwoofer also features XLR analog input signals and a network interface for setting purposes.

Magico TITAN 15 Subwoofer

Users can easily set various parameters using the exclusive software to achieve optimal sound performance integration with their main speaker and space.

The TITAN 15 has rollers installed at the factory for easy unpacking and installation. Once positioned, users can replace the rollers with the exclusive foot cone of the TITAN 15. The foot cone is crucial for supporting the subwoofer firmly and adds an elegant touch to its design.

Magico TITAN 15 Subwoofer

In conclusion, the Magico TITAN 15 subwoofer is remarkable in subwoofer design and technology. It boasts a back-to-back design of two monomers that cancels out unwanted interference, resulting in the most complete and accurate frequency reproduction possible.

The TITAN 15 also features a precisely designed control center, powerful 4,800W Class D amplifier outputs, and an advanced electronic crossover and DSP control center for precise sound performance integration with the main speaker and listening environment.

Magico TITAN 15 Subwoofer

Moreover, the subwoofer is built with a high-thickness aviation titanium aluminum alloy cabinet featuring Magico’s exclusive internal structural frame design and the most advanced damping materials to eliminate possible cabinet resonance.

The TITAN 15 subwoofer is a top-of-the-line product for audiophiles who demand the best sound performance and quality. While it comes with a hefty price tag, its exceptional design and technology make it worth the investment for those seeking the ultimate listening experience.

Magico TITAN 15 Subwoofer

Specifications of Magico TITAN 15 Subwoofer

  • Monomer: 2 x 15″ TITAN
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz –150 Hz
  • Amplifier power: 4,800W on 120v
  • Input Impedance: 45K ohms
  • Dimensions: 65 x 76 x 65 cm
  • Weight: 177Kgs