Magico M9 Flagship Floorstanding Speaker
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Magico M9 Flagship Floorstanding Speaker Review

Magico, a significant purveyor of sound amplifiers in the United States, has recently launched the most recent iteration of its flagship sound amplifier, the Magico M9. This duo of sound amplifiers is exempt from dynamic limitations and sets a new benchmark for melodiousness, clarity, and mimicry.

The first two amplifiers implement a twin-tier casing built from carbon fiber while utilizing an innovative honeycomb core configuration of aluminum alloy. The M9’s utilization of an unparalleled external analog crossover, the Magico Analog Crossover (MXO), is built and engineered exclusively within Magico’s manufacturing plant.

The intricacies of the processing of mid-bass and low-frequency sound responses are the most comprehensive in the industry. The Nano-Tec monomer can sustain substantial energy and reproduce remarkably transparent sounds, including micro-dynamics and detailed sound cues.

Magico M9 Flagship Floorstanding Speaker

The M9 employs a state-of-the-art beryllium-diamond dome tweeter. This tweeter is not only resilient but also lightweight. By applying a diamond coating to the beryllium dome, Magico has fashioned the world’s inaugural 28mm beryllium tweeter with diamond coating.

This novel tweeter excels in producing exact and precise high frequencies by exploiting the advantages of both beryllium and diamond tweeters while simultaneously addressing their drawbacks.

The mid-bass component and the woofer are constructed with Magico’s eighth iteration of their nano-technology cone, known as Nano-Tec. These cones use an aluminum alloy honeycomb core structure reinforced by remarkably sturdy graphene nanotubes, and Magico is the first firm globally to implement this sandwiched configuration.

Magico M9 Flagship Floorstanding Speaker

The 15″ woofer cone necessitates a pressure of 12,000kg during manufacturing, and graphene’s durability is forty-fold that of carbon steel.

Traditionally, when the temperature of the voice coil rises above 40°C, the frequency response tends to be distorted by at least 3dB. Magico’s speaker driver overcomes this issue. The latest generation of Magico’s flagship speaker, M9, uses voice coils that measure 3″, 4″, and 5″ respectively, corresponding to the size of the 6″, 11″, and 15″ drivers.

This setup enables rapid heat dissipation, allowing for better control of the sound cone. The drivers use titanium as their primary material, which has good characteristics for eddy current control and is durable and strong.

Additionally, the new single-magnet circuit design and powerful neodymium magnets generate an impressive magnetic force density of 1.7 Tesla, which enables a long stroke of 36mm without any distortion at a sound pressure of 120dB (SPL at 1M).

Magico M9 Flagship Floorstanding Speaker

Processing the 120Hz mid-bass and bass crossover point is a significant challenge. If a passive crossover circuit is used to handle such a low-frequency crossover, a large amount of inductance and capacitance will be required.

Even with careful handling, there are possible ways to avoid signal energy loss. Magico developed an active analog two-way crossover system called the Magico Analog Crossover (MXO) to address this issue. This system primarily uses Linkwitz-Riley filter technology, with a roll-off of 24dB at 120Hz for each step.

It is fully dynamic and uses a differential balanced line from input to output, which can be adjusted with a step of 0.5 dB. The external power supply utilizes active rectification technology to provide the purest power supply.

Magico M9 Flagship Floorstanding Speaker

Each pair of M9s requires either two stereo power amplifiers or four mono power amplifiers. Magico’s elliptical symmetry crossover technology preserves the widest bandwidth and produces a minor electromagnetic distortion.

In conclusion, the Magico M9 loudspeaker is a high-end audio product incorporating advanced design technologies. The beryllium-diamond dome tweeter, 8th-generation nano-technology cone, and large voice coil all contribute to its ability to reproduce sound accurately and without distortion.

The active analog two-way crossover system, Magico Analog Crossover, addresses the challenge of low-frequency crossover with its Linkwitz-Riley filter technology, retains the most considerable bandwidth, and produces the slightest electromagnetic distortion. The Magico M9 loudspeaker is a top-of-the-line product with exceptional sound quality and advanced features.