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Magico A3 Review

The MAGICO A3 floor-standing speaker is currently Magico’s lightest speaker and the first product in the A-series. Despite this, it is still an all-aluminum alloy enclosed cabinet structure with four single-unit floor speakers.

Although the size is small, each unit still weighs 50 kg. The most important thing is that the price will break everyone’s impression of the high price of MAGICO or all-metal tower-speaker and become a choice that most audiophiles can easily embrace.

Magico A3 is not an extremely high price. It is sold to most music enthusiasts. The manufacturing cost of all-aluminum metal speakers coupled with MAGICO’s very appealing brand and technology, I believe, will become a new pursuit of many audiophiles in the market.

Magico A3 speakers


The single weight of MAGICO A3 loudspeaker is 49.89 kg, and the accessories are more than 50 kg. Although it is not light, it is not transported in bulky wooden boxes. Instead, they use multilayer thick cardboard boxes, and proper foam is sufficient for the protection.

This approach reduced packaging expenses and high transportation costs can give more rewards to end consumers, saving the buyer’s money.

There are three main accessories: two sets of metal spike feet, a warranty card, a USB flash drive, A3 instructions, and other related materials.

Magico A3 spike feet

First, prepare Magico A3 to install spike feet. The bottom of A3 is a full-plane aluminum alloy base with four spike installation positions, and the dark orange name of MAGICO is under the woofer.

The outline of the A3 box adopts straight cutting, unlike other high-end models with curved contours. This design and manufacture saves time and is also a cost-saving way. The all-black cabinet and the dark orange logo outline the texture of the product.

A nut is attached to the spike feet, and the user can better fix it through the nut when adjusting the height.


Viewed from the front of the speaker, Magico A3 adopts a parallel linear design cabinet. The front width is 23 cm, the side depth is 27 cm and 112 cm. You can see one midrange unit with a size of 6 inches and two woofer units with 7 inches.

The very fragile 1-inch tweeter is protected by tape. MAGICO A3 is a fully enclosed aluminum alloy floor speaker without any openings and no bass reflex hole. It is curious to see how low the bass can be.

Magico A3 floorstanding speaker

The tweeter unit is a spherical beryllium diaphragm. In particular, the treble diaphragm has a design somewhat like a shallow horn, which expands slightly, which is different from the previous design.

A3 shows the sassy design of the MAGICO metal cabinet. The surface of the cabinet is clean and straightforward, using 6061 T6 aviation-grade aluminum alloy. Although a more straightforward cabinet design is used, the details of the workmanship are not compromised.

The 1-inch pure Beryllium diaphragm tweeter is a new tweeter developed based on the M-Project floor-standing speaker. Magico A3 adopts a neodymium magnet drive system, and the chamber space behind the magnet uses new damping materials to reduce further distortion. In addition, the metal cover on the side will reflect light because of its curvature.

For midrange, the newly developed six-inch Midrange Graphene Nano Tec is used. It is made of composite materials such as multilayer carbon fiber nanotubes and XG nanographene, plus advanced laser measurement to ensure the unit’s accuracy.

Magico A3 Loudspeakers

On the other hand, with the new extensive neodymium magnetic circuit drive system and 75mm pure titanium voice coil, the accuracy of the sound is excellent. Furthermore, with the highly rigid frame, the overall mechanical distribution of the unit is more even, which further reduces the distortion of the unit.

The bass is handled by two 7-inch Bass Graphene Nano Tec units. Magico A3 floorstanding speaker also uses a neodymium magnet system and a 75mm pure titanium voice coil, achieving exceptionally high sound pressure output while maintaining extremely low distortion. As a result, the low frequency is not only fast and accurate but also More low-frequency details.

Magico A3 woofer

Magico uses “Finite Element Analysis simulation testing equipment” to design the exclusive “Elliptical Symmetry Crossover topology” 3-way Linkwitz-Riley filter crossover circuit.

Magico optimizes the performance of 4 single units to maximize lossless bandwidth. In addition, it has phase linearity and minimizes internal circuit distortion. The crossover uses German Mundorf components.

Magico A3 crossover

Sound Performance

Listen to the album “Kissed By A Song”, the eighth song, “Hell Or High Water” is sung by Sara. K. Here, it still maintains a charming singing voice and presents thicker, softer femininity. The low-frequency drum at the end of the music is behind the sound field, fast and flexible, and the distance from Sara. K’s singing is more three-dimensional. With other sound effects, the whole song is presented as a painting.

The thirteenth song “Desperado”, sung by Susan Wong, has strong feelings and sweetness under the A3 playback. Susan’s words are prominent, and he can hear the details of the singing, and the sound is solid.

Magico A3 Floorstanding Speaker

Although A3 is not a sizeable floor-standing speaker, it has sufficient energy. In addition, the low-frequency performance is better than expected. As a result, it has strength, flexibility, and energy in most music performances. The performance is rich in details and maintains clarity, speed, and sound tension. A3 is Magico’s excellent and value-for-money floor-standing speaker.

Next, I listen to “Now the Green Blade Riseth”, a chorus in the church. Again, the frequency response of Magico A3 speaker is quite balanced and precise. It doesn’t make people think that any frequency is raised or recessed.

The extension at both ends is very natural, and the bandwidth is outstanding. 22 Hz – 50 kHz is powerful. I can easily hear the space and echo of the church, and the details are vibrant. There were children in the choir, and their quite natural chorus made my whole mood calm and calm.

Magico A3 binding post

Listen to “Belafonte – At Carnegie Hall“. I have five vinyl records in my collection. That is a recording of Belafonte in 1959. Two shows were held on 4/19 and 4/20. They were for the charity performances of The New Lincoln and Wiltwyck. The album included 15 songs, which are all classics.

Belafonte’s singing is vivid and charming, with a particularly magnetic voice, which is easy to hear from beginning to end. If you only talk about music, everyone may have different preferences. It is normal to have likes and dislikes.

The advantages of A3 speaker are also unreserved when playing this album. In addition to Belafonte’s singing voice and the live audience, interaction is very vivid. A3 will not be the protagonist Bass can also be very clearly and wholly reproduced, which means that A3 has a high level of sound restoration capabilities.

Magico A3 floorstanding loudspeaker


Mr. Alon Wolf founded Magico from the United States. Although the brand is still young, the speakers produced from the cabinet to the unit are designed and produced by Magico, which shows that they have strong production capabilities.

Magico has launched a brand new floor speaker, A3, at an attractive price. Its sturdy sealed cabinet is composed of aluminum alloy plates. In addition to adding a reinforced bracket, the tweeter and midrange unit also enjoy a completely independent sealed space to prevent interference. As a result, the Magico A3 floor standing speaker is a pair of good floor-standing speakers worth starting with.

Magico A3 Specs

  • Driver Complement: 1″ MB7 Beryllium Dome (X1), 6” Midrange Graphene Nano Tec (X1), 7” Bass Graphene Nano Tec (X2)
  • Sensitivity: 88dB
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 22 Hz – 50 KHz
  • Minimum Recommended Power: 50 Watts RMS Maximum Recommended Power: 300 Watts RMS
  • Dimensions: 44”H x 11”D x 9.25”W (112cm x 27cm x 23cm)
  • Weight: 110 lbs. (50Kg)