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Klipsch The Three Review

Klipsch The Three is a multi-function wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is launched by Klipsch and belongs to the Heritage classic series. As we all know, Klipsch’s development has always revolved around speakers. Its high-end model Klipschhorn is from the Heritage classic series. With an American retro style, Klipsch released The Three on its 70th anniversary. As a multi-function wireless Bluetooth speaker, The Three not only continues Klipsch’s unique product style, but it is also one of the representatives of HiFi-class desktop speakers.

Appearance : Retro Style

The Heritage series occupies a significant position in the Klipsch brand. It can be said that this series has brought many excellent products to audiophiles. The Three’s wooden cabinet with bronze metal veneer not only inherits Klipsch’s classic retro design but also integrates with modern technology. The appearance gives a perfect effect of “superb craftsmanship and superior quality.”

Similar to The One wireless Bluetooth speaker, the top and bottom of The Three’s cabinet is also made from high-quality walnut MDF. The wood material is sturdy and thick, and the solid wood also reveals a home-like texture.

klipsch the three knob

The shape of The Three conforms to the positioning of its home desktop speakers. The size of The Three cabinet is 34.82 * 17.78 * 20.3cm, which weighs 4.7KG.

The Three has a wide range of applications; it can be placed in the bedroom or living room. It can even be applied to the balcony or garden. These are the ranges that The Three of the big cabinet can control. But one thing to note, The Three does not have a built-in battery; it is not an outdoor speaker. Of course, I recommend placing The Three on a wooden bookshelf or desk. You will find The Three can highlight the feeling of American retro. All in all, The Three can be placed wherever you want.

The Three is exquisite and fashionable. It doesn’t appear old-fashioned because of the company’s years of history. The horn is Klipsch’s exclusive technology that has been hand-made for 70 years, which also allows it to apply the high standards of craftsmanship to every product.

Multiple Interface, with WiFi Function

klipsch the three interface

The Three is a multi-functional speaker. The combination of wireless and wired features completes the configuration of this speaker. Bluetooth and WIFI are two primary wireless functions of The Three. The Three uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and supports aptX.

WiFi is the most common function in-home speakers, and it is also the intelligent feature of The Three. Compared with Bluetooth, WiFi has a larger bandwidth during wireless transmission, and the sound quality is closer to the lossless standard. Klipsch adopts the WiFi function, and specially developed the Klipsch Steam APP. People can use mobile phones to control and adjusted The Three.

The introduction of the WiFi tech distinguishes the difference between The Three and The One. The Three tends to be positioned as a HIFI-level speaker, while The One prefers a practical portable Bluetooth speaker. And I think that the WiFi function is still worth considering in-home desktop speakers.

Besides the wireless function, The Three also has the wired function of HiFi speakers. Except for the power supply, the back of the speaker also has USB, AUX, RCA, and other interfaces. All aim to meet the diverse needs of different users.


Besides, The Three also has a set of 3.5mm analog and a set of RCA inputs. Because The Three has a preamplifier for the phono, it is equipped with a ground terminal. Users only need to adjust the switch to the phono input and then connect the RCA terminal and the ground terminal. That is good news for users playing vinyl records. The USB type-B terminal on the side can be connected to a PC and supports up to 192kHz / 24-bit sampling rate.

Audio technology is Klipsch’s most focused for 70 years and is also a magic weapon for The Three to convince listeners. The Three uses two 2.25-inch units and is responsible for the midrange and treble and a 5.25-inch Subwoofer for the mid and bass. And it is equipped with two 5.25 inch passive radiators. While combining active and passive classical methods to achieve high pitch resolution, it also provides a richer low-frequency dive.

Sound Quality

The sound of The Three is surging and energetic. The comfortable low frequency with mellow sounds makes the overall sense of hearing warm and natural. The low-frequency part of The Three is solid and steady, and there is ample potential for low frequency. The Three’s overall low frequency is full of vitality. From the sense of hearing in the low-frequency part, The Three brings not only the rhythmic low-frequency but also a kind of audio-visual feast for the listener.

While ensuring a moderate mid-range frequency, The Three interprets the vocals gently and elegantly. The overall sound retains the characteristic of warmth and flavor. The vocal emotions are delicate and subtle, and the whole gives the listener a sense of affinity.

The Three also guarantees high resolution. Vocal and musical instrument sounds are not mixed. The high-frequency part is a bonus for The Three. The sound stretches smoothly, the treble is relaxed, and the sound is soft and smooth. The Three’s voice is not irritating, and the style is warm.

Overall, The Three’s energetic surging sounds left a profound impression on me, and the sense of listening is still endless. Perhaps this is the classic sound that Klipsch is going to show!

klipsch the three

Klipsch The Three Specifications

  • MAX ACOUSTIC OUTPUT: 106dB (0.5M near field)
  • HIGH FREQUENCY DRIVERS: 2 x 2 1/4” (57.15mm) full range drivers
  • SUBWOOFER: 5.25” (133.4mm) long-throw woofer,2 x 5.25” (133.4mm) dual opposed passive radiators
  • ENCLOSURE TYPE: sealed
  • POWER: 120W
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 45Hz ~20kHz @ -3dB
  • INPUTS: Bluetooth®,3.5mm miniplug (analog),Phono pre-amp / RCA analog,USB Type B
  • DIMENSIONS (WxHxD): 13.7” (34.82cm) x 7” (17.78cm) x 8” (20.3cm)
  • FINISH OPTIONS: Walnut, Matte Black
  • VOLTAGE: 110/240 VAC
  • WEIGHT: 10.32lbs (4.7kg)
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES:: 3.5mm aux cable,USB Type B to USB Type A cable,Wireless Remote Control,Power Cord