Klipsch Cinema 800 860W 5.1-Channel Soundbar

Klipsch Cinema 800 Review

For many people, Klipsch Soundbar has always been an excellent choice to quickly build a home theater because their products can create lively theater sound effects and are also very convenient to use through simple connections. Moreover, the convenient operation can get the most relaxing experience. Recently, Klipsch officially launched its flagship product Klipsch Cinema 800 5.1 soundbar. This large-scale soundbar system has a sound efficiency of 860W and supports Dolby Atmos sound effects.

At the same time, it is equipped with a pair of Klipsch surround speakers to provide true surround rear sound effects. Moreover, with HDCP 2.3 support, it can also support 8K video systems in the future. Thus, it can be said to be a compelling home theater soundbar.

About Klipsch Soundbar

After so many years of technological evolution, soundbar products on the market are now divided into two major categories in terms of functionality.

Klipsch Cinema 800 Sound Bar

The first category emphasizes wireless streaming media technology availability, and the second category emphasizes ease of use.

The first category of products is often matched with other streaming media speakers. However, through its own wireless streaming media technology, the soundbar is integrated into the multi-room audio system, allowing consumers to control the App and combine the soundbar in the living room with a wireless audio source in other spaces.

Another product that focuses on convenience is designed to connect with TVs and mobile devices, such as connecting to mobile phones to play music through Bluetooth quickly and the various types of I/O interfaces to connect to players and smart devices. After the TV is wired, it can directly play movie sound effects or music, allowing users to expand the theater’s sound quality conveniently.

Klipsch Cinema 800 3.1 Channel Dolby Atmos Soundbar

The design of the Klipsch soundbar has always been aimed towards the second category. Therefore, the product will not have any advanced wireless technology or a too complicated design. Instead, the emphasis is on bringing consumers the easiest using experience. The earliest RSB series, BAR40/48, and even the recent flagship Cinema series adopt this design routine.

Klipsch Soundbar has continuously advertised the same design as Klipsch speakers, full of wooden cabinets that can bring warm sound performance, brand unique horn tweeters, and single performance that can withstand high-power output.


Cinema 800 is also sold in combination with surround rear channel speakers (Surround 3). So for audiophiles who are pursuing the most complete Surround sound listening quality, Cinema 800 5.1 with a physical surround rear channel can be said to be your perfect choice.

The Tractrix Horn

As mentioned earlier, the acoustic architecture of Cinema 800 ultimately inherits the spirit of the Klipsch series, such as the Klipsch Cinema 400. The design of the Tractrix Horn horn tweeter is adapting the signature Klipsch speakers through the wooden cabinet. Through this configuration, the Cinema 800 can maintain excellent sound quality and sound diffusion.

Klipsch Cinema 800 Soundbar

In terms of the driver unit configuration, the Cinema 800 adopts a three-way design, including three 1-inch Tractrix Horn tweeters. The opening angle of the monomer is 90°×90°. The frame uses unique Kapton material, which presents a dual of strength and lightweight. The feature allows the tweeter to reduce the sound interfering caused by vibration, showing a good sound wave diffusion angle and sound efficiency.

The Woofer

The sound range of the mid-and low-frequency range is handled by four 3-inch diaphragms made of composite fiber material for the mid-bass unit, which can present a solid and full mid-range sound.

The accompanying subwoofer uses a 10-inch woofer, which can restore movie sound effects and low-frequency audio reproduction of music through huge volume and full impact.

Cinema 800 soundbar woofer

The size of the wireless subwoofer is the largest in the Klipsch Cinema series. It is equipped with a 10-inch woofer, which emits the bottom, creating intense low-frequency sound energy.

The Sattelite Surround 3

Cinema 800 is sold with Surround 3 wireless surround rear channels. This small satellite speaker uses a wooden cabinet like Cinema 800. However, it uses a 3-inch full-range unit as the sound element.

Cinema 800 surround 3

After wirelessly pairing with Cinema 800, It can be used for sound production through automatic audio decoding. The setup also supports the use of tripods and wall mounts, and its use is pretty flexible.


A total output power of 830W drives the Cinema 800 5.1 system. The overall configuration is solid and complete, providing a full-frequency balanced theater sound with abundant low-frequency power.

After wirelessly pairing with Cinema 800, it can perform the sounding operation through automatic Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus decoding, bringing you the most realistic stereo surround effect.

Klipsch Cinema 800

In terms of other functions, this Soundbar system is simple to use and easy to set up. It has 2 in and one out HDMI 2.1 terminals, corresponding to eARC and 8K signals. The HDMI cable can be easily connected to the TV to form a high-end audio and video system.

In addition, it also supports Bluetooth 5.0. When connecting mobile devices via Bluetooth, it can also be combined with Klipsch Connect App to adjust audio and set your favorite sound style to watch movies or listen to music.

Sound Performance

Although Klipsch Cinema 800 5.1 is the bulkiest Soundbar product I have tested recently, the setup process is relatively easy. First, connect the power cord, and the HDMI input corresponds to the TV’s HDMI port with ARC function.

And it is done. Both the subwoofer and rear surround channels are used for audio transmission wirelessly. As a result, there is no need to use any cables connect to Cinema 800 in use, and the installation process is quite labor-saving.

As soon as I listened, I immediately felt the performance level of Cinema 800 5.1 is excellent. It has a more comprehensive sound performance than Cinema 400 and Cinema 600. The high frequency has a pretty rich resolution, and the movie sound performance is neat, bright, and straightforward. In addition, it has exceptional Detailed sound quality.

Cinema 800 Dolby Atmos 3.1 Sound Bar

The intermediate frequency has a total thickness, which can make the character dialogue three-dimensionality. The considerable volume is matched with a 65-inch LCD TV, and the movie sound effect can create a unique impact.

With the rear surround sound channel, you can also clearly feel the spatial sense of the rear sound field. The movement track of the sound in the movie, the positioning of the rear sound, and even the surround effect can be felt.

Another thing to mention is that the 10-inch wireless subwoofer with Cinema 800 5.1 can bring an immense sense of low frequency to the system. Therefore, this system is very suitable for use in medium and large listening spaces.

The size of Cinema 800 can also allow you to match a large-sized TV or even a projector to transform the living room into an actual home theater with a large screen, full sound effects, and a good surround feeling.


The Cinema 800 5.1 system is undoubtedly a soundbar system with comprehensive sound performance, creating tremendous mid-low frequency sound energy and good surround performance.

It is very suitable for indoors with spacious living spaces and large listening environments. You can use the easiest way to connect and create a sound listening experience full of surprises.

Klipsch Cinema 800 Specs

  • SPEAKER SYSTEM: 48″ 3.1 Dolby Atmos soundbar with 10″ wireless subwoofer
  • HIGH FREQUENCY DRIVERS: (3) 1″ (25.4mm) soft dome tweeters mated to Tractrix® horns
  • MIDRANGE: (4) 3″ (76.2mm) high output oval fiber composite cone woofers
  • SUBWOOFER: 10″ (254mm) wireless ported subwoofer
  • ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bar: Wood • Subwoofer: Wood
  • INPUTS: HDMI-eARC • (2) HDMI • Bluetooth® • 3.5mm Analog • Optical Digital
  • OUTPUTS: Subwoofer (RCA) Output
  • DIMENSIONS: (BAR) 48” (121.9cm) W x 2 7/8” (7.3cm) H x 3 3/8 (8.6cm) D
  • DIMENSIONS: (SUBWOOFER) 14 1/4″ (36.8) W x 18 1/2″ (47.1cm) H x 14 1/2 (36.8cm) D
  • FINISH: Black (interchangeable walnut end caps included)
  • VOLTAGE: 100-240V 50/60Hz internal power supply
  • WEIGHT: 22 lbs (9.98 kg)