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KEF EGG Duo Review

The KEF brand has a history of more than half a century, an old British hall-level HiFi speaker brand. Enthusiasts have widely recognized the Uni-Q coaxial driver unit. It has been several years since the release of KEF EGG. As an egg-like desktop speaker, it attracted a lot of attention and many media reviews. Nowadays, many desktop Bluetooth wireless speaker designs are getting more and more eye-catching. KEF also launched its new product KEF EGG Duo. The EGG Duo does not have the traditional speaker’s grille, and the speaker unit is directly exposed to the outside. Besides, it adopts the color scheme of the LSX series. The five colors are more vivid and more suitable for the individual needs of young people.

KEF EGG Duo bluetooth speaker

About KEF

KEF was founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke, former head of Engineering and Technology at the BBC. The headquarter was originally located in the Kent Engineering & Foundry metal processing plant along the Medway River near Maidstone, Kent, UK, and KEF were named after this. Raymond Cooke has unique insights into speaker design, making KEF outstanding in acoustic technology, shape design, and material application. Today, as a British high-end Hi-Fi audio brand, KEF products are the embodiment of the British great audio technology and the world’s leading acoustic technology and are known as a model of audio technology innovation and design.

KEF logo

KEF has always used innovative audio technology to provide the best listening experience for those who love the original sound. KEF pursues faithful reproduction of original natural sound, showing sound characteristics of perfect balance, purity and transparency, wide range, and clear imaging. For more than 50 years, KEF has made ongoing efforts to explore the superior performance of audio. Every detail allows people to appreciate the outstanding and extraordinary value of KEF. Classic works include the award-winning LS50 since its launch, flagship Muon, and Blade speakers.

KEF’s most iconic technology is the Uni-Q coaxial unit. This technology places the tweeter at the center of the bass/midrange cone. The advantage is that it can transmit the sound more evenly and eliminates the problem of the unit. The restoration is not accurate enough due to different positions.

KEF EGG is a door for the KEF brand to mass consumers. You don’t have to spend a high price to experience some of KEF’s core technologies to gain a deep understanding of KEF’s unique musical arts.

As the entry model of KEF, the EGG series has also been updated over the years. From the first EGG to the later EGG SE to the latest EGG Duo. If EGG SE is an upgraded version of the EGG, then EGG Duo is an innovative version of the EGG. Compared with the improvements made by EGG SE, EGG Duo has changed more thoroughly. The product form is more mature, and it is built for young people nowadays.

KEF Egg Duo Unboxing and Appearance

The packaging of KEF EGG Duo is also very fashionable, in line with young people’s aesthetic concept.

KEF Egg Duo package

The product packing list includes a pair of speakers, a power cord plus a power adapter, a USB cable, a fiber optic cable, remote control, and instructions.

KEF Egg Duo Bluetooth Speaker

KEF EGG Duo’s appearance upgrade is quite obvious. Compared with the original EGG, the new EGG Duo directly removes the grille on the speaker. The streamlined new baffle design enhances the appearance of the speaker and is more fashionable. The unique baffle can also reduce the cabinet’s vibration and improve the quality of sound performance, the most important of which is to enhance the low-frequency volume.

EGG Duo provides five vibrant color options: jasper/red/teal/ruby/midnight. One interesting point is that KEF has given different color versions of EGG Duo with different personalities.

KEF Egg Duo finish 5 colors
  • Jasper: Daydreaming all day, immersed in the personal world, only talking about the things that inspire them.
  • Red: Party regulars who like to dance with their music APP to host parties at home.
  • Teal: For TV fans who stay at home and watch, their daily fitness is sitting and exercising.
  • Ruby: I like to be social, very active on the Internet, and have a strong fan base.
  • Midnight: In the game world, a rebellious player with a high degree of self-confidence and strong strength faces the challenge.

The egg-shaped design is not unique, but it is easier to suppress the internal standing waves than a square box.

EGG Duo has a switch, volume increase and decrease, and sound source switching buttons. Still, there are more buttons on the remote control, and the corresponding functions are more complete.

On the input interface, EGG Duo is equipped with a 3.5mm AUX interface, a B-type mini USB interface (corresponding to the highest 24bit/96kHz), and a mini TOSLINK optical interface. There is also a SUB output interface for connecting to the subwoofer.

KEF Egg Duo input interfaces

Since the first generation of the EGG, the series has not changed in terms of interfaces. Although it cannot be said that the interface is complete, it is enough to satisfy most of the scenarios of ordinary users. Wireless support aptX Bluetooth 4.0.

The speaker can be directly connected to the TV through the optical fiber interface. It can also be connected to the Nintendo Switch game console, listening to music, and playing games. I think this Bluetooth speaker can also be called a multi-function speaker.

The compact base does not occupy desktop space. Adopt front-inverted bass port design. The cabinet has a small elevation angle, and the system is very elegant.

KEF Egg Duo Driver Technology

Uni-Q driverCoaxial refers to the coaxial tweeter and woofer. The coaxial speaker is composed of two sound units, and the tweeter replaces the place where the woofer is installed with the dust cap. Each unit has an independent magnetic circuit.

Uni-Q driver can make the sound more harmonious and natural. KEF Egg Duo tweeter waveguide, wide in the middle and narrow at both ends. It can not only protect the tweeter but also improve the acoustic coupling of the tweeter diaphragm. The two can be combined by design to create a wider sound field, a sweet spot with a larger coverage area.

KEF EGG Duo Uni-Q driver

Coaxial speakers have another advantage because the tweeter and bass speakers are coaxial. The design is more compact, making it possible to install a larger driver unit in a smaller speaker.

Sound Performance

Speaking of the sound quality experience, the new KEF EGG Duo has added Music Integrity Engine technology to improve bass performance. After reading some reviews of KEF’s original EGG, I think KEF hopes that the new EGG Duo can be more distinctive. On the one hand, the appearance and color matching have been expanded more. On the other hand, the sense of hearing has also been upgraded to better cater to young people’s needs.

Use your mobile phone to play music via Bluetooth, and you will find that this speaker is enough to help you open the door to a new world. Although some network streaming media’s audio quality is not high, they can already play a relatively good sense of music listening.

KEF EGG Duo bass port

Using AUX wired connection mode, choose a high-quality audio source. You will feel the high-frequency resolution of KEF EGG Duo is very good. It may also be because of the waveguide. The high-pitched part does not have a strong metallic feeling after the loud sound is turned on. And when the volume is low, you can hear very great music details. Popular music performed well. Some of these instruments, such as the violin, were natural and transparent and felt good overtones.

Mid-frequency performance. The resolution is still excellent in the mid-frequency part. It is very clear for human voices, especially female vocalists, and the voice is loud and aura. This content is originated from

Low-frequency performance. Because of the audio system’s small size, the network reviews of the original EGG performance at low frequencies are not particularly optimistic. The new KEF EGG Duo has strengthened the low-frequency part by designing baffles and adding Music Integrity Engine technology while ensuring resolution and excellent transients. What can be felt is that the low-frequency dive is enough.

KEF Egg Duo feature image

In the listening part, I used USB DAC and Bluetooth for the comparison test. EGG Duo gave people the first feeling that the sound’s transparency is quite high. Compared with Bluetooth connection, the sound connected and processed by USB is more ideal in terms of density and diffusion.

Listen to “Bad Guy” and “How Do You Sleep?” on Tidal “” and other electronic music can show smoother sound lines and spatial element details. Of course, if everyone puts convenience first and usually uses MP3 as the source, wireless connection via Bluetooth is more than enough.

In terms of watching the show, the EGG Duo was connected to a 4K smart TV with a built-in Netflix App using optical fiber to test its sound quality performance. The test movie is “Extraction” on Netflix. EGG Duo’s 0.75-inch aluminum tweeter and 4.5-inch magnesium-aluminum alloy mid-bass sound response are very quick and neat. The front sound field diffusion and trajectory creation are more powerful than the normal 2.0 Channel Soundbar.

NetFlix Extraction

EGG Duo comes with a 4.5-inch magnesium-aluminum alloy mid-bass and a vented design to enhance the low-frequency volume, which can meet the general needs of listening to music. However, suppose you want super dynamic scenes such as fire fighting and other movie scenes in a larger room. In that case, you may as well use the EGG Duo’s SUB interface to connect an active subwoofer. Simple can make the tri-band performance more even and movie effects better.


The new KEF EGG Duo digital music system was released. Based on the first-generation classic version of the EGG, KEF has carried out a substantial technical upgrade while retaining the temperament and spirit that makes it perfect for showing versatility. KEF has enabled five bold and vivid colors to make EGG Duo express its personality without losing its original sound. Innovation makes KEF unique, and the results are obvious. KEF has nearly 60 years of experience in acoustics, material science, and unit innovation, and is used in EGG Duo. Inspired by the award-winning LSX, the combination of Uni-Q coaxial technology and KEF’s Music Integrity Engine™ are also integrated to present the pure sound better. At the same time, it provides the sound of nature for home recording studios, music streaming media, home entertainment systems, or games.

Whether you are watching TV, listening to music, or playing games, EGG Duo can make you immersive. EGG Duo is suitable for music lovers, movie fans, or gamers.

KEF EGG Duo bluetooth active desktop speaker

When used for desktop speakers, whether listening to music on a mobile phone or working with a notebook, you can have a very good sense of immersion when watching movies. The explosion in the film, the roar of airplanes, or the background music can highlight A strong sense of immersion. Suppose the EGG Duo is placed at home as a home theater speaker system. In that case, it is the same as the soundbar’s positioning. The addition of the HiFi-oriented USB DAC function will make this speaker beat the Soundbar series of the same price in listening to songs.

KEF EGG Duo has a warmer taste, calm and comfortable. The new EGG Duo speaker design is more youthful. The interpretation of vocals, folk songs’ expression, and the high-frequency performance of instrumental music will make you feel that this wireless Bluetooth speaker is very worthwhile. Among the products at the same price, with the unique technology, compact size, and colorful color matching of Uni-Q coaxial speakers, coupled with the low price, KEF EGG Duo is a good choice for desktop Bluetooth speakers.

KEF EGG Duo Specs

  • DESIGN: Two-way bass reflex
  • DIMENSIONS: 274 x 136 x 172 mm (10.8 x 5.4 x 6.8 in.)
  • WEIGHT: 2.15 kg (4.74 lbs.) per speaker
  • RESOLUTION: Up to 24 bit
  • SAMPLING RATE: Up to 96 kHz, depending on source resolution
  • DRIVER UNITS: Uni-Q driver array, HF: 19mm (0.75in.) aluminium dome, LF/MF: 115mm (4.5in.) magnesium/aluminium alloy cone
  • WIRELESS STANDARD: Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX® codec
  • ANALOG INPUT: 3.5 mm AUX
  • DIGITAL INPUT: Mini USB Type B, Mini TOSLINK Optical (combo jack)
  • OUTPUT: Subwoofer output
  • AC POWER INPUT: 100 – 240VAC 50 / 60 Hz