JBL TUNE 205BT Review

JBL has released a semi-in-ear headset, JBL TUNE T205BT. Compared with the in-ear headphones that are flooding the market today, the main reason is that this semi-in-ear wearing method combines the advantages of earbud and in-ear headphones. While ensuring sound quality, The in-ear sound insulation, earbud fits the ears and provides sufficient ventilation characteristics that are integrated, which has won the love of many music lovers.


Earbud vs. In-ear headphone

The sound insulation effect of the earbud is generally weak. When listening to music, it is easy to be disturbed by external noise, which affects the sound quality. Moreover, because the driver unit is far from the eardrum, the refraction loss during sound propagation and external noise will make people adjust the volume up. That is very likely to cause hearing loss (click here to learn how to protect your hearing).

But it has some crucial advantages, that is, users can hear the sound of the environment at the same time while listening to music.

The advantage of in-ear headphones is that it has a good sound insulation effect and significantly reduces external noise interference. Therefore, you can hear the details in the music without needing too much volume, and it is less likely to damage your hearing. Excellent sound insulation is an advantage. At the same time, the in-ear sound resolution is easy to do well.

JBL TUNE 205BT wireless Bluetooth headset is a newly developed Bluetooth product based on the JBL T205 wired headset. Today’s market is full of over-ear headphones and in-ear Bluetooth headsets. This kind of semi-in-ear Bluetooth headset is rare and can be said to have seized the market opportunity.

JBL TUNE 205BT Unboxing

The packaging size of TUNE 205BT is 100 × 34 × width 160 (mm), and the gross weight is 100 grams. The pattern of the box is simple and clear. The back is designed with a PVC sheet half-open window so that you can see the actual headset. The package box also contains accessories such as instruction manuals, warranty cards, user manuals, and an orange-red charging cable.

JBl TUNE 205BT accessories


205BT uses a 12.5 mm pronunciation driver. Only in terms of size, it has an advantage over in-ear headphones. The shell is a mix of metal and plastic. Due to the use of delicate, lightweight alloy materials, it has a strong sense of fashion. The tuning hole of the earphone is unique, the L channel is blue, and the R channel is red.

The connection part with the wire is protected by rubber to prevent pulling. The colors of the headset, cable, battery box, and central control board are all the same.

The TUNE 205BT Bluetooth headset uses ordinary oxygen-free copper and flat wire. The inner fiber of the headphone cable has excellent tensile resistance. It is more durable than those round headphone cables and has better anti-winding properties. The flat headphone cable measures 3 mm in width.

JBl TUNE 205BT cable

Control Functions

There are indicators on the main control board that displays different colors, with different flashing frequencies representing the working status of the machine. The button in the middle is the power button and the play/pause button, which can answer and turn off calls. The /-volume buttons on both sides are embedded in the design and have a song switching function. The built-in microphone of the TUNE 205BT Bluetooth headset is next to the JBL trademark.

JBl TUNE 205BT control button

There is a 5V charging port on the side and a built-in 3.7V lithium polymer battery. The charging time is about two hours, and it can be used continuously for six hours. The indicator light will always be on when charging, and it will automatically go out when it is fully charged.

JBl TUNE 205BT charging port

Sound Performance

JBL TUNE 205BT uses JBL Pure Bass technology. JBL Pure Bass technology has appeared in many JBL headphone products, optimizing bass diving and flexibility, making the overall music more powerful and shocking experience. Pure Bass technology is an encoding technology that re-encodes the low frequency to bring a brighter and more powerful low frequency in a small cavity.


205BT can provide better mid-to-high frequency reduction, especially in terms of vocal performance. The excellent separation clearly shows the sound characteristics of each instrument.

Thanks to PureBass technology, T205BT’s strength in low frequency is surprising, and the degree of low frequency is just right. The powerful bass, profound potential, and cohesive force seem to concentrate the energy at one point for the explosion. Although the bass is so eye-catching, the mid and high frequency still maintain good quality.

User Experiences and Feedback

1. The 205BT headphone is very light, semi-in-ear, and comfortable to wear. It is easy to connect to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. The mobile phone is in the room, and the 205BT can receive the signal in the living room. The sound quality is excellent, the bass is good. The sound quality feels good enough for me. Without charging, I have been listening for more than two hours from unboxing to now and still have electricity. It seems that I can really use it for 6 hours.

2. The appearance is exquisite, the workmanship is beautiful, the design is elegant, and the practicability is perfect. The semi-in-ear type is not like the in-ear type that will cause ear pain after a long time. 205BT is very comfortable to wear. The wire is also perfect, skin-friendly, and symmetrical in design. Compared to other Bluetooth headsets, the sound quality can be said to be very good, even better than some wired headphones. The bass is excellent.

3. The appearance is lovely, and the design of the flat headphone cable is outstanding. The buttons are exquisitely made and feel good, and the most important thing is that they are comfortable to wear. Most Bluetooth headsets use round, air-tight silicone plugs, but this design is excellent and will not fall off when running. The sound quality is unique.


4. The 205BT headphones are made of good materials, and the quality of details is also outstanding. Sound quality is the most crucial evaluation aspect of a headset. After several days of use, the sound quality feels good. Occasionally, a little electric noise can be heard when it is relatively quiet. Currently, it is charged once every two days. I mainly answer the phone and listen to music for an hour every day.

5. I think the battery life is good. If you listen to songs, you will lose about 10% of the battery every hour, and if you answer the phone during the period, there is no problem in supporting 6 hours. It depends on the level of personal use! In general, it has exceeded my expectations. The sound quality is ok! As an entry-level wireless Bluetooth headset, 205BT is still very good compared to brands of the same level.

6. This is the first time I use a Bluetooth headset. I have bought JBL speakers before, and it feels good. So this time, I also plan to try a Bluetooth headset of the same brand. The sound quality is excellent. The headphone sounds pretty good, and because it is not in-ear, there is no ear pain. Of course, the sound insulation is not as good as the in-ear type. The 205BT is similar to the Apple headset, but the cost performance is relatively high.

JBl TUNE 205BT package unboxing


JBL TUNE 205BT semi-in-ear earphones are more breathable than in-ear headphones and are suitable for long-term use without bloating the ears. 205BT headphones have excellent sound quality and average sound insulation.

The most significant feature of 205BT is easy to use and comfortable to wear. Even if you use it while sleeping, you can use it casually while lying in bed. After putting on the earphone, there is no pressure, and it feels very light.

JBL TUNE 205BT is a success as an entry-level Bluetooth headphone. Its high frequency is soft, the vocal distance is moderate, and the bass is sufficient. It is a headphone with a balanced overall performance.

JBL TUNE 205BT Specs

  • Driver size: 12.5mm
  • Dynamic frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 100dB SPL/1mw
  • Maximum SPL: 106dB @1kHz
  • Microphone sensitivity @1kHz dB v/pa: -21
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Bluetooth transmitted power: 0~4dBm
  • Bluetooth transmitted modulation: GFSK,DQPSK, 8-DPSK
  • Bluetooth frequency: 2.402GHz-2.48GHz
  • Bluetooth profiles: HFP v1.5, HSP v1.2, A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.5
  • Charging time: <2hr
  • Music play time with BT on: Up to 6hr
  • Talk time with BT on: Up to 6hr
  • Weight (g): 16.5g
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • Headphone cable length (cm): 78.0
  • Headphone cable length (ft): 2.56
  • Driver size (mm): 12.5