JBL Party Box 200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL PartyBox 200 Review

The JBL PartyBox 200 Bluetooth portable speaker is a fantastic speaker that will transform your music listening experience. JBL delivers incredible sound, and the JBL PartyBox 200 is no different. It’s got a light mode for every mood: Meter, Pulse, and Party Mode.

Moreover, you can take it anywhere with its 12V DC source portability and connect wirelessly to other JBL speakers too! So if you’re looking for immersive audio in a portable package, this one’s for you.

When you want to throw a party, make sure it rocks. Just plug in the JBL PartyBox 200 into an outlet and get jamming! This rugged Bluetooth speaker delivers beefy sound that will have everyone’s toes tapping along with all of your favorite tunes on their smartphones or tablets.

JBL PartyBox 200 Party Speaker

Of course, suppose anyone wants to sing or play music alongside the playlist. In that case, there are both guitar and microphone inputs for them as well. And if they need something else during practice time (or feel like taking over), this sleek Bluetooth Speaker is preloaded with songs from some of today’s hottest artists, so no one gets left out at any point throughout your event.

The Design

The JBL PartyBox 200 speaker has two 6.5″ woofers and three 2.25″ tweeters that deliver up to 120W of RMS power, making it easy for you to get the party going wherever you are! In addition, the integrated carry handles help move this unit around a breeze any time you want some music on the go – plus an included 12V car adapter lets use nearly anywhere too!

The Connections

While you might use a Bluetooth phone or tablet as the music source most of the time, there are other options. An RCA input connects your CD player and a built-in phono preamp to make the JBL PartyBox 200 sound like vinyl records. A USB port on the back lets you plug in flash drives so that songs from them can play through this stereo system too.

The PartyBox 200 speaker has two 1/4″ jacks. You can plug in a microphone; for the other, an instrument like guitar or bass. The volume knobs are very helpful when controlling levels of these input sources so that they don’t become too loud or distorted — perfect for singing along with your favorite songs playing through the speakers.

JBL PartyBox 200 Bluetooth Speaker

Light Shows

There are three light modes to choose from Meter, Pulse, and Party Mode. Meter mode creates an automated light show based on the music that’s playing. As you might guess, Party Mode keeps the lights pulsing to your beats and gets everyone moving. And Pulse mode lets you set brightness levels for individual LEDs, so they match some other color in your home décor or play with their colors without any special effects.

Portable with 12V DC Source

One of the features that sets JBL’s PartyBox speakers apart is their versatility. JBL PartyBox 200 includes a DC power port on the back of the JBL PartyBox 200. You can use this speaker in any location, whether you’re having a party indoors or outside, by plugging it into your car’s cigarette lighter or a wall outlet. The JBL PartyBox 200’s included a 12V car adapter, and you can plug the PartyBox into a car cigarette charger for portable use.

Wireless Bluetooth Streaming

With the Bluetooth features, you can wirelessly stream high-quality sound from your smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth music streaming is a fantastic way to enjoy JBL quality sound without having to be in the same room as your JBL speaker. JBL PartyBox speakers come with Bluetooth technology, so you can wirelessly set up your JBL PartyBox 200 in another room and stream your music from the app on your phone or tablet.

JBL PartyBox 200 wireless speakers are ideal for parties and get-togethers as well as everyday listening at home.

JBL PartyBox 200 Premium High Power Portable Wireless speaker

USB Playback and Charging

You can pre-program your party with your favorite playlist loaded onto your USB thumb drive. The USB port also lets you charge your compatible device as an added convenience. A USB port on the JBL PartyBox 100 enables you to charge other USB devices right from the speaker. So you don’t need an extra charger to keep your devices powered up.


You can connect speakers with the RCA output or use TWS (True Wireless Stereo), which utilizes Bluetooth to pair up to two compatible speakers. I’ve had my JBL 200 PartyBox Bluetooth speaker for about one year.

I bought it to take with me on vacation, and ever since then, I love having it over at home because of how versatile it is. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, which is so convenient, but even better than that – if you want to connect a JBL 200 PartyBox speaker and another JBL speaker without the need for wires, this speaker has TWS (True Wireless Stereo).

That means you can use any JBL-branded product in your collection with any other JBL-branded product to create an immersive sound experience. For example, if you have two 200’s turned next to each other (to create a left and right channel), you can wirelessly connect them to make JBL True Wireless Stereo. You can use JBL PartyBox 200 or JBL Pulse 300 with JBL Xtreme, Flip, OnBeat Rumble, Charge to do the same thing!

Bass Boost

With the Bass Boost function, you can have the extra punch to your party audio. JBL Bass Boost provides a solid low end, turning your JBL PartyBox speaker into the heart of any party or get-together.

JBL PartyBox 200

Sound Performance

Sound quality represents the speaker system’s tonal accuracy and ability to reproduce fine sonic detail. Sound quality judgments are made with the system optimized using tone controls or pre-set tone settings (if any) adjusted for the most balanced sound.

The speaker has two 6.5″ woofers and three 2.25″ tweeters that deliver up to 120W of RMS power.The JBL PartyBox 200 Bluetooth speaker delivers room-filling, immersive JBL Signature sound with deep lows and full highs. With dual woofers pumping out the low-end bass response and tri high-frequency drivers for crystal clear vocals, JBL PartyBox 200 delivers all the sound you want.

These speakers are made to deliver perfectly balanced JBL Signature Sound so, even when cranked up loud on a party playlist, they won’t distort. So whether your JBL PartyBox speaker is placed in an open area or corner-loaded into a bookshelf enclosure, it will play with depth and clarity at any volume level.

JBL PartyBox 200 Wireless & Bluetooth Speaker

With just one button, push can produce deep lows while maintaining clear vocals thanks to its own Bass Boost function that provides extra punch. It also features additional EQ settings such as Party Mode (for dancing) and Meter mode (for tuning the JBL PartyBox speaker to any room).


The JBL PartyBox 200 is a powerful party speaker with wireless connectivity and vivid light effects. It can be connected to AC mains or a 12V DC power source, so you bring the party everywhere. With TWS (Wireless Stereo) feature, two speakers are wirelessly paired together for an immersive audio experience, while Integrated carry handles make it easy to move around. A car adapter enables usage almost anywhere, and its RCA input/output lets users connect to other devices as well.

What Buyers Say About JBL PartyBox 200

Love this speaker! 100% would recommend this. The seller was AMAZING as well. I ordered a refurbished speaker and the seller sent me a brand new one instead for the same price with a customer appreciation letter attached with the package. I will be seeking this seller out for further purchases.

I have been looking for a audio solution for my home for almost 2 years. Something which is gr8 and fits my budget too. At home we only use content apps and watching IPL on projector connected to the JBL party box gave the effect of watching the match in the stadium. No better way to describe it. Bassbosst is good and I got a good price also in lightning deal.

Sound quality is just awesome not sure how it would have been while using outdoor but this is a perfect home theatre for my house, now I feel something is happening in my room after so many hiccups in delivery finally received an excellent product so I am happy now..let see how it will work after 6 months at least but so far everything is fine.

JBL PartyBox 200 Specifications

  • Output power (W)240
  • Bass BoostYes
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz-20kHz
  • Input Terminals: RCA L/R, USB port, 3.5mm Aux-in, Mic/Guitar with volume control
  • Output Terminals: RCA L/R
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth Technology, TWS (True Wireless Stereo) connecting up to 2 party speakers using Bluetooth technology
  • Powering Input: 100-240V AC and 12V DC
  • Product dimensions (wxdxh): 310mm x 320mm x 690mm
  • Bare Product Weight: 15.32kg
  • Packaging dimensions (wxdxh): 388mm x 396mm x 823mm
  • Product weight with packaging: 17.75kg