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JBL Club One Review

JBL is a well-known audio brand with a long history of producing high-quality sound products. Over the years, the company has honed its craftsmanship and design skills to create a wide range of products that have evolved with the times.

We recently had the chance to try out the JBL Club One noise-canceling over-ear headphones, which are a must-have for music lovers. These headphones are designed for both the general consumer market and the premium audio market, and they utilize professional-level technology and top-notch component manufacturing to deliver an excellent listening experience.

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Whether you’re a casual listener or an audiophile, JBL has a product that can provide you with an exceptional musical experience. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every product it creates, and the Club One headphones are no exception.


The JBL Club One headphones have a foldable design and come with a small, compact oval case for storage. This means they take up minimal space and look great when stored.

In the package, you’ll find the instruction manual, a USB charging cable, two Aux input earphone cables, and a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter. The left (L) and right (R) channels are clearly marked on the inside of the metal on each ear cup.

On both sides of the headphones, there are five buttons for operation. On the left ear, you’ll find the power on, Bluetooth, and mode switch buttons. On the right ear, there are volume adjustments and charging jacks. The JBL Club One has a dual audio input jack on both ears, so you can choose which side to connect to your device.

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Each ear cup has a maximum power of 3500mW. When the headphones are connected to a device playing music, the volume can be adjusted either from the device or from the headphones themselves, which is very convenient.

The JBL Club One noise-canceling over-ear headphones are a top choice for those seeking high-quality audio. With their Hi-Res audio certification and the use of JBL Pro Sound technology and a custom 40mm graphene diaphragm monobloc, these headphones are designed to reproduce sound with exceptional clarity and detail. The headband and ear cups are made of soft leather for a comfortable fit, and the headband is adjustable for a snug and secure fit.

In addition to their excellent sound quality, the JBL Club One headphones offer versatility in terms of how they can be used. They can be connected either wirelessly or via a wired connection, depending on your preference. We generally use these headphones with a Bluetooth receiver, and activating the headset is simple – just press the on button under the left ear for about three seconds and then pair it with the Bluetooth on your phone.

The JBL Club One has an all-black exterior with slightly exposed metal and modeling curves, giving it a sleek and modern appearance. From a distance, it may seem like a fairly ordinary pair of headphones, but upon closer inspection, the quality of the product becomes apparent. These headphones have a low-key yet high-quality style that is only fully appreciated when you use them yourself. The attention to detail and craftsmanship are evident in every aspect of the JBL Club One, making them a great choice for those who value both style and performance.

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True Adaptive Noise Cancelling

JBL has put a lot of effort into developing its active noise-cancellation technology. The Adaptive Noise Canceling feature checks ambient noise 50,000 times per second and is designed to compensate for leaks caused by glasses and hair.

The JBL Club One headphones have True Adaptive Noise Cancelling, which means they can instantly detect changes in the environment and adjust to the most suitable listening state to eliminate external sound interference. This allows you to enjoy your music or other audio without being distracted by background noise.

Whether you’re listening to music on a crowded train or in a noisy office, the JBL Club One headphones can help you focus on what you’re listening to by blocking out distractions. This feature is especially useful for those who need to concentrate or who simply want to enjoy their music to the fullest. With its advanced noise cancellation technology, the JBL Club One offers an immersive listening experience that is free from external noise interference.

Voice Assistant

The JBL Club One headphones also have a voice assistant function that supports both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. To use this feature, you’ll need to download the “JBL Headphones” app and integrate it with your preferred voice assistant app. Once you’ve done this, you can also set up the voice assistant function through the “JBL Headphones” app.

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To use the voice assistant function, simply press the JBL logo button on the left ear cup. This will allow you to ask about the weather, play music, or schedule appointments using your voice. When this function is turned on, you’ll also be notified via the voice assistant prompt if you receive any messages from your friends through certain apps.

The voice assistant function on the JBL Club One headphones is a convenient and easy way to access information and perform various tasks without having to use your phone or other devices. Whether you’re on the go or simply want to stay hands-free, this feature makes it easy to stay connected and get things done.

Extremely Comfortable to Wear

As the flagship model of the brand, the JBL Club One headphones are meant to embody all the advantages that JBL has to offer, including convenience, stability, function, and appearance, as well as the most important aspect – sound quality. These headphones are meant to be the benchmark and reference among the brand’s over-ear Bluetooth headphones.

In terms of comfort, the JBL Club One headphones have a weight of 378.5 grams, which is a standard weight for over-ear headphones. They fit my head very well and are not too heavy to wear for normal activities. In fact, I found them comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.

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I have a smaller head, and most over-ear headphones tend to be a little too big for me. If the weight is not evenly distributed, it can be difficult to wear them for long periods of time. However, the JBL Club One headphones are very friendly to those with smaller heads. The headband length adjustment catches are small and easy to adjust, which is a nice touch and shows the attention to detail in the production process.

The JBL Club One headphones are a closed design, and the foam inside the leather ear cups is quite thick, which helps to isolate the outside world when you put them on and turn on the music. Overall, these headphones offer a comfortable and immersive listening experience.

Other Features

The JBL Club One headphones have a long battery life, with 2 hours of charge time and up to 45 hours of continuous playback without the ANC noise cancellation feature. They also use Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which ensures that the process of switching between music and calls is seamless and well-synchronized.

These headphones are equipped with TalkThru & Ambient Aware modes, which allow you to stay alert to your surroundings while still enjoying your music. The TalkThru mode automatically lowers the music volume and amplifies ambient sound, so you can carry on a conversation without having to take off the headphones.

Both the TalkThru & Ambient Aware modes can be easily switched by pressing the Smart Ambient button at the bottom of the left ear cup. The volume control button on the right ear serves multiple purposes. In addition to adjusting the volume level, it can also be used to switch to the next song by pressing and holding the + button for about two seconds, the – button to re-listen to the current song, and the middle button to pause, play, or answer incoming calls. Overall, the JBL Club One headphones offer a range of convenient and intuitive control options.

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Sound Performance

While listening to music through the JBL Club One headphones, I tested two different sources – Spotify and Tidal – both played through a laptop. I found that the JBL Club One is capable of achieving better sound performance if the user has a higher-quality music signal, which indicates that these headphones have a high level of playback capability.

Listening to Nils Lofgren’s “Nils Lofgren Band Live,” the JBL Club One’s enclosed design and ear cups excelled at reproducing the low frequencies of the bass and drum kit. Rather than simply increasing the volume, the JBL Club One added a certain amount of depth and fullness to the frequency band, which made for a very enjoyable listening experience.

The reproduction of the live audience noise also demonstrated that the JBL Club One has a very good sound field among fully enclosed headphones when it comes to stereo creation. The overall frequency band is well-balanced, with no particularly prominent frequency bands in the high, mid, or low frequencies. Compared to some headphones that focus more on the highs or the lows and mids, the JBL Club One takes a very balanced and comprehensive approach.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to allow your ears to relax and listen to less common sounds in order to stimulate your ears and improve your sensitivity to different instrumental sounds. However, too many sounds can easily obscure the characteristics of a particular instrument.

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This type of listening can be a great way to train your sensitivity to instrumental sounds. The marimba is one of my favorite percussion instruments, and I find it quite impressive to watch marimba players perform due to the lovely sound and the difficulty of playing the instrument.

While listening to music through the JBL Club One headphones, I noticed that the range from bass to treble was not compressed. Instead, the softest side of the music was revealed, which added a certain level of nuance and detail to the listening experience. Overall, these headphones offer a well-balanced and immersive listening experience.

While listening to the joyful “Fatinitza-Marsch,” I was struck by the song’s energetic and lively nature. It feels like a marching song, with the first momentum of the percussion setting the tone for the entire band. The cymbals, timpani, snare drum, and brass instruments all contribute to the loud and powerful sound.

While the strings may not be as powerful as the wind instruments, they still play an important role in the song. When the bow is divided between the voices and played with the wrist, each note on the string is played with a solid bow, adding a very powerful element to the music. Overall, the JBL Club One headphones do a great job of reproducing the full range of instruments in this song, from the powerful percussion to the nuanced strings.


the JBL Club One headphones are a great choice for those who are looking for a premium set of active noise-canceling headphones. They offer excellent sound quality, a professional design, and a high level of enjoyment, making them a top choice in the market.

The Club One headphones also offer a variety of convenient features, including the ability to connect to a voice assistant and the option to use them wired or wirelessly. Overall, these headphones are a solid choice for those who are looking for a high-quality listening experience.