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Jamo S809 Music System Review

Jamo’s latest speaker series is the Studio 8 series, which includes a series of affordable floor-standing, bookshelf, and center channel speakers, all of which have a typical simple but not rigid Scandinavian design. Our test suite starts with the S 809 HCS system music system. The system consists of a pair of S 809 floor standing speakers, a pair of S801 bookshelf speakers for surround tasks, and an S 81 horizontal center unit.


The Jamo S809 floor standing speakers use a 6.5-inch wide woofer unit and follow the best practices of contemporary sound engineering to achieve performance. The configuration of three woofers extends upwards to merge with the tweeter, and at the same time, all the units at the low-frequency end work unanimously and unimpeded. This design has many advantages. The main advantage is the directivity mode, which reduces additional units’ interference. It is more similar to the traditional two-way speaker unit while still maximizing the surface area and other drivers to meet more stringent bass output requirements. Each speaker uses low-frequency reflection technology, which makes them more malleable low-frequency sound effects. With this technology, the low frequency of the Jamo S809 speaker can dive down to 37Hz.

jamo s809

Each speaker of the Jamo S 809 uses a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. Since the Studio S series speakers use the same speaker unit, the Jamo S8 series’s sound has very similar sound characteristics. Besides, the tweeter can Deduces high-pitched sound effects up to 26kHz, and thanks to the sound dispersion characteristics, the sound has excellent directivity.

Compatible with Dolby Atmos

As the Dolby Atmos format became more and more popular, Jamo designed the S 809 floor standing speakers to be compatible with the panoramic sound format. Each floor standing speaker is equipped with a connection port for the installation of Atmos components so that users can connect the optional Jamo S8 ATM overhead panoramic sound speaker.

jamo studio 8 series s809 and atm

Jamo S809 has two sets of binding posts. The bottom binding post is used to connect speakers and amplifiers. The above binding post is used to connect the optional S8 ATM Dolby Atmos component (placed on the top of the floor-standing speaker). On the top panel of the Jamo S809 floor-standing speaker, there are patented connection contacts for powering the optional S8 ATM panoramic sound assembly.

This simple design eliminates the need to install a ceiling speaker’s wire at a high place, which may ruin the elegant lines of Jamos. Of course, this also means that there will be four small holes on the top panel of the S 809 floor-standing speaker without using the Atmos module. Some people may mind these four exposed mounting holes. This also means that S 8 ATM cannot be used with other systems, which is a pity.

A slender subwoofer, the 10″ unit of the Jamo S810 SUB

The Jamo S810 SUB subwoofer uses a 10″ synthetic fiber cone speaker unit driven by a Class D amplifier with a peak power of up to 150W. Its frequency response is 36Hz to 180Hz, and an adjustable high-pass filter is installed.

jamo studio 8 s810 subwoofer

The Jamo S810 SUB’s low-frequency reflection box has a long, narrow, thin-shaped guide hole that radiates backward. This design is used to eliminate the noise generated by airflow during high volume playback. The Jamo S 810 subwoofer can be set to start automatically when it detects an input signal. The other adjustable subwoofer settings are also quite classic: phase adjustment, high-pass filter adjustment (40Hz to 160Hz), and volume.

Set up

I placed the S 810 SUB in the subwoofer position a few feet away from the corner. The S 809 floor-standing speakers are about 8 feet apart, placed on either side of my 55-inch TV. The S 81 Cen center speaker is placed on a low shelf with the top surface slightly below the screen’s bottom edge. The S809 floor standing speakers can better improve low-frequency performance through the bass port at the bottom.

Music Performance

After everything was ready and connected, I started listening to music. Jamo S 809 creates a beautiful, balanced, high, and moderately wide sound field, very clear imaging, and plenty of basses suitable for typical pop music. For example, in Rita Coolidge’s soul standard version of the song “Higher & Higher,” the low-frequency volume is warm and rich, maybe even a bit too much. Pulling the speaker a few feet away from the wall can significantly alleviate the situation, but overall it still maintains a complete balance.

jamo studio 8 s 809 bass port

The details of the midrange are also useful, but the lower midrange is slightly contracted or squeezed. In most practical listening situations, this effect is almost imperceptible and will not cause any trouble, although the more significant the volume, the more pronounced the effect. Such as Tchaikovsky’s string serenade and other concert hall-level full orchestra ensemble music proves this point. It emits slightly dry, less resonant string and hall sounds. In any case, the Jamo S809 floor standing speakers’ overall performance is detailed in other aspects.

In terms of bass, it is comfortable and generous and feels more enthusiastic than midrange. Almost all music should meet the needs of most of us. The typical pop bass drum hit sometimes brings a slight, almost high-pitched extra thump, such as “Anna Begins” by Counting Crows and “Everyday I Write the Book” by Elvis Costello. But overall, it is rich and effective. Jamo seems happy to amplify the sound loudly, fully absorbing most of my 150 watts of power per channel amplifier.

Regarding the multi-channel issue, I was impressed by the sound matching between the S 81 center unit and the S 809 speakers in various male and female voices. Its tone is unexpectedly consistent with the eccentric shaft. This bodes well for the cohesion of the front sound field. The compact S 801 two-way unit works well in surround sound environments because small speakers are almost always placed in a higher position and point slightly forward from a point behind the listening position. In the same album by Rita Coolidge, Dave Mason’s “Only You Know, and I Know” multi-channel FLAC was played at a level close to the scene, which produced a convincing experience from the stage perspective.

jamo S809 speaker detail

Now is the last member of the series: S 810 subwoofer. The compact 10 inches proves that there are no particular shortcomings, and it is indeed commendable. But in my opinion, its impact on the whole process is not enough, not even lower than the Jamo S 809 floor-standing speaker’s minimum standard. However, it adds some decibels to the limit volume, which may reduce distortion. This model is likely to be valuable in larger rooms or in the hands of people who need playback closer to the reference level, rather than people like me, who usually prefer a lower volume. Either way, since my front and rear amplifiers allow multiple settings to be stored in their presets. I can directly compare the sound of the system with or without the subwoofer. Also, it sounds better to me, a little tighter and more transparent.

Movie Performance

It turns out that as a basic Atmos kit, the configuration of Jamo Studio 8 is impressive. In the Dolby Atmos demo, the Blu-ray “Amaze” and “Leaf” trailers are the best shorthand references I know. The surround sound above, cohesion is excellent, and the sound environment is smooth. To be sure, since there are no rear height speakers, the sound is tilted a bit backward. The localization function highlights the value of an excellent match between the robust imaging of the speaker and the center unit. Being immersed in scenes in Atmos movies like “Gravity” and “Passengers,” I am more convinced that this system is one of the best examples of putting together I have heard so far.

Of course, the imaging and stage integrity of Jamo Studio 8 is critical to the presentation of home theater. Sitting and watching the Bond action film “007 Ghost Party”, all the flaws I might have picked out were eliminated. A highly immersive street scene, the system delivers sound with assertive breadth, depth, and height. The compact Danish subwoofer and the low-frequency capability of the S809 present the bass that supports the whole process in just the right way, bringing unexpected pleasure.


The Jamo Studio 8 series has a simple and elegant appearance with a sense of design. While improving the sound quality, it also adds an ATMOS panoramic sound component, which significantly enhances the user’s sound experience. In addition, the entire series is slim and easy to place. Even small apartments can be easily integrated into the home design.

Jamo s809 Floorstanding Speaker Specs

  • Frequency Response: 37Hz – 26kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • Sensitivity: 90dB (2.83V @ 1m)
  • Power Handling: 120W / 240W
  • Impedance: 8Ohm
  • High Frequency Driver: 25mm (1”) Soft Dome Tweeter
  • Low Frequency Driver: 3 x 127mm (5”) Polyfiber Woofers
  • Speaker Enclosure: MDF
  • Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex via Front Firing Slot Port
  • Inputs: Single Binding Posts (Main / Height)
  • Finish: Black, Walnut, White
  • Dimensions: 1042mm x 191mm x 252mm 41“ x 7.52” x 9.9”
  • Features: Dolby Atmos Ready Connections Points, 3 Aluminized Polyfiber Woofers,1 Soft Dome Tweeter
  • Weight (Kg/lb): 30 lb (13.6 kg)