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Jamo C910 Subwoofer Review

Whether it is a two-channel system or a multi-channel system, if the low frequency is missing, the sense of perfection will be much worse. The living space of modern people is limited. If you want to rely on two-channel or multi-channel speakers to regenerate abundant low-frequency energy, the speakers must have enough box volume. In other words, the speakers need to be big enough, which will inevitably take up a lot of living space. Another method is to add active subwoofers. As long as they are properly tuned, even small bookshelf speakers can also show the fantastic momentum of the full range with the help of subwoofers! Jamo C910 SUB Subwoofer, with an inbuilt 300W peak power amplifier, perfectly melds premium low-frequency performance with a modern, luxurious design to create elegant furniture with exceptional acoustics.


The Jamo c910 weighs 14 kilograms, which is not very light. But still, it is not a problem to move it out by yourself. The speaker cabinet has neat and square lines and no extra decoration. In this review, I’ve got the black finish version. The surface of the cabinet has a black imitation wood grain veneer. The texture is good, and it feels smooth. In addition to black, there are White and black apples to choose from.

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From the design point of view, the box line of the C910 is entirely satisfactory and not particularly eye-catching. But when I put on the attached grille, the visual quality improved immediately! It turned out that Jamo changed the surface of the net cover to a thick gray-black woven fabric this time, which reminded me of high-end Nordic furniture and added an elegant style. The grille’s upper and lower sides are cut into curved surfaces, making the speaker look a little sleeker and not dull.

Equipped with 10-inch Long-stroke IMG Diaphragm

In terms of specifications, the front baffle of the C910 is equipped with a 10-inch long-stroke IMG (Injection-molded Graphite) diaphragm woofer. The diaphragm is made of graphite, which has the advantages of lightweight and high rigidity. When the woofer is in violent piston reciprocating motion, the IMG diaphragm helps provide precise and solid bass. The Class D amplifier module responsible for driving can deliver 150 watts of output power, and the maximum peak value can reach 300 watts in an instant. The overall frequency response is 32Hz~125Hz.

jamo c910 active subwoofer unit

Front-firing Tube Port Design

The speaker adopts the front-firing tube port design. The front-firing tube port is located at the lower right corner of the front side. The shallow horn shape design at the front of the opening emphasizing that it can significantly reduce the airflow noise and strengthen the low-frequency extension ability. At the same time, it is also for users’ convenience to place the C910 close to the wall, providing more flexible positioning.

RCA Input with Wireless Transmission Ready

On the back of the subwoofer, the C910 provides RCA input terminals. The advantage is that users can connect to the Pre Out output or Sub Out output of audio equipment. There is a switch that can adjust the phase (0/180) beside the RCA input. The two knobs to the side can adjust the crossover point and volume.

jamo c910 active subwoofer back connections interface

What is more remarkable is that there is a set of WA-2 Ports on the back panel’s right side. As long as you purchase an additional WA-2 wireless device and install it on the WA-2 Port of the C910, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless transmission and make your subwoofer more flexible. WA-2 uses 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, emphasizing the ability to transmit high-resolution music while having low latency advantages.

Sound Performance

Next, try the sound performance of the C910. I just reviewed the AirPulse A80 active bookshelf speaker a while ago, and it has a built-in subwoofer output. Naturally, they should be formed into a 2.1-channel system. Due to the limited volume of the speaker cabinet, the low frequency will be limited no matter how good the performance is. The C910 immediately presents a different full-band open momentum, and the music sounds richer. Since the A80 has a built-in USB input, I directly connected the MacBook Pro to play streaming music.

Playing Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and “Beat it,” under the A/B comparison, you can immediately feel the goodness of the C910. With the addition of a subwoofer, A80 seems to be upgraded to a floor-standing speaker, filling the listening space of more than 20 square meters with low-frequency energy. At the beginning of Michael Jackson’s song, the low-frequency rhythm became full of impact, showing a clear and solid low-frequency grain, unambiguous, not exaggerated, and immediately upgraded!

C910 is not only impactful. It can also make music sound rich and thick, such as “Belafonte Sings the Blues” by Harry Belafonte. The first track, “A Fool for You,” sounds richer in this 2.1 series combination. Belafonte’s singing is also a little thicker, and the low-frequency lines of the double bass plucked behind are clear. The density is full, but the sense of volume will not be excessive, and the music is better.

jamo c910 active subwoofer front with bass port

The music is good. What about the movies? Switch to other bookshelf speakers and add C910 to form a 5.1-channel system. First, play the “Extraction” clip on Netflix. The low-frequency sound effect rebroadcasted by C910 is very powerful, highlighting the emotional tension of the fighting and blasting in the film. Play the test clip of “The Hunger Games” in 2013 DTS. At the beginning of the film, the heroine sits and rests on a tree trunk in the forest. The surrounding area is quiet. Only the faint sounds of insects and birds are heard. At this time, the faintly weak low frequency came from a distance, and in a flash, the low frequency surged in waves like ocean waves, and it was getting stronger and stronger. C910 has a good grasp of the dynamic changes and detail of the full low-frequency sound effect, depicting the tense atmosphere in the movie.


Overall, the bass performance of the C910 is heavy enough, and it can also add the finishing touch to the music. It has a good sense of speed and will not be muddled, showing full impact. The exterior design is quite satisfactory and elegant. The original factory provides three colors to choose from so that C910 can be integrated into your space decoration.