Jamo A200 HCS 5.1 System

Jamo A200 Review

Jamo comes from Denmark and inherits the Nordic industrial design. In addition to its unique insights in the design, the products designed can be freely matched with modern design decorations. In addition to meeting the needs of small spaces, the design focus of the Jamo A200 is that the shape of the speakers is also explicitly designed for flat-screen TVs, so that the speakers and the TV are hung on the wall together, but to make the two a harmonious combination.

Jamo A200

The A200 has won the German Red Dot Design Award. The German Red Dot Design Award is an award that is highly valued in all industrial design competitions. It is like the Oscar Awards in the design world. Every industrial design product hopes to get this honor.


Jamo A200 has a small stand so that the A200 has a standing place on the TV cabinet. It will not take up too much space in your home. The focus of the Jamo A200 speaker design is suitable for small spaces, but the speaker’s appearance is designed to match a flat-screen TV.

The Jamo A200 is a 2-channel speaker with a one-inch soft dome tweeter and a 3-inch mid-woofer. The structure is simple and practical. With an integrated amplifier, it can perform as a 2-channel stereo system. The woofer is a more comprehensive 2.1 channel. However, the A200 does not want to satisfy you in such a simple way. It has a whole set of 5 speakers, which means you can form a surround sound system, which can enjoy the sound effects of the cinema and also take into account the desire for 2.1 channels.

However, the low-frequency extension of the A200 is limited, and a high-quality active subwoofer is a must for some situations. After the setup was completed, I thought that besides listening to music and watching movies, if I use the multi-channel system to play video games, that would provide tremendous sound effects. The multi-channel music system can only listen to music and watch movies? In addition to listening to music and watching movies this time, I will also use it to play video games. Playing video games with a multi-channel system is absolutely exciting!

Jamo A200 HCS5 Satellite Speaker System

Sound Performance

I used the DTS demo trailer, which DTS released in 2008. It includes excerpts from many awesome movies such as “Night at the Museum“, “Dragon Rider“, “X-Men“, and the documentary, “Nature’s Journey“.

In “Night at the Museum”, the sound of bones being thrown on the ground and the vibration of dinosaur fossils running up are like watching in a movie theater.

The sound of rain and birdsong recorded in the nature documentary is also very natural and clear, making people feel like being in the mother nature. Especially the sound of rain made me think it was raining outside. The sound is presented in a very natural way.

Then I switched to the movie clip “Shooter”. There are many shooting scenes in this demo. The bullet fired from the sniper rifle, the tearing sound of the air, made my ears feel the high-speed and sharp sound. The blasting sound and the sound of helicopter propellers are also deep and powerful, making my ears bear the burst of sound waves. I just can’t believe that the sound is coming out from such little speaker.

After feeling the shock of the movie, come to a lighter concert to relax. I changed to listen to David Foster’s “Hit Man David Foster and Friends” concert Blu-ray. David Foster is a world-renowned composer. He has written many popular songs and has collaborated with many international superstars.

The concert opened with David Foster and Kenny G playing St. Elmo’s “Love Theme“. When the A200 raised the sound of the piano, the light and bright sound of the piano flowed out from the A200, and the high pitch was relaxed and natural. The sound of the saxophone is also pleasant, with a soft flavor, and then the music is combined with piano and strings, and the spatial sense of the A200 is good and rich.

Since it is a so-called concert, the focus is of course on the singer. In addition to the three generations of pop singers from the old, middle and youth, this concert also has Andrea Bocelli, the tenor of classical cross-border pop music. In addition to the vocal performance of the A200, it is said to be quite satisfactory. For example, Peter Cetera’s high-pitched treble with a little hoarseness can also be presented concretely.

The last thing I have always wanted to try is to play video games with the surround system. I took one of the masterpieces in the video games, the “Final Fantasy XIII” for the sound test. The “Final Fantasy” has always been popular for its exquisite graphics and gameplay. This time I use the surround system to play video games is really exciting!

Final Fantasy XIII

Playing “Final Fantasy 13” through the A200, the rich sound effects will make people more addicted to the game, and can’t help but keep playing and don’t want to stop. In the past, playing video games was simply turning on the TV, turning on the PS4 and playing. The sound effects were not very ear catching. And this time I used the A200 surround system to play the game, I suddenly realized that the “Final Fantasy 13” sound effects have so many details, such as the sound of running on the grass and the running water. The sounds , are very vivid and lifelike.

Jamo A200 HCS5 Speaker System

Besides, the special sound effects in the fighting scene make the gaming experience more intense and exciting, giving people the illusion of being attacked at any time. When I used the A200 surround system to play video games, I realized that listening experience in the video games can be enjoyable. However, the only small regret is that there is no racing game such as “Need for Speed” on hand, and I don’t know how the supercar engine sounds through the A200.


Setting up a surround system can be simple or complex. When a user considers installing a surround system, the biggest factor should be to have the shocking sound effect like a movie theater, or the effect like being in the concert. If you want to enjoy the scene when you buy a Blu-ray movie and watch it at home, this Jamo A200 can be said to be the most basic surround system meeting your needs.

Jamo A200 HCS 5 review

Although basic, its sound effects are not basic at all. Also, it does not take up the space of the home and has the stylish exterior design. The Jamo A200 is a small speaker worth buying!

Jamo A200 Specs

  • Weight (Kg/lb): 0,50 / 1.10
  • Frequency Response (Hz, +/-3dB): 150 – 20,000
  • System Type: 2-way closed
  • Overall Dimensions (mm/in, HxWxD): 218 x 90 x 52 / 8.6 x 3.5 x 2
  • Tweeter (mm/in): 25 / 1
  • Impedance: 6
  • Woofer (mm/in): 76 / 3
  • Power Handling (Watts Long/Short Term): 80 / 100
  • Sensitivity (dB, 2.8V/1m): 86