edifier W830BT headphone

Edifier W830BT Bluetooth Headphone Review

Edifier is a famous audio manufacturer that has released the renowned speakers, including Airpulse A80, A300, etc. But Edifier has also made achievements in earphones. Many people have praised Edifier W830BT wireless Bluetooth headphone.

edifier W830BT headphone

Edifier W830BT Unboxing

The packaging of the headset is straightforward and familiar with the brand logo. The black base tone is accompanied by a product schematic, which is stylish and straightforward. The earphone packaging is very delicate and pleasant. The black inner box is printed with a brand LOGO. There is a black storage bag, which solves the problem of storing earphones when traveling and is very convenient.

Accessories have a Micro-USB charging cable, a 3.5mm headphone cable, and a manual. W830BT uses a 1500mAh battery and can reach 95 hours of battery life with the 4.1 version of the CSR Bluetooth low energy chip. A full charge is enough for two to three weeks. It can be used more freely.

edifier W830BT headphone unboxing

Headphone Design

W830BT is designed with smooth lines, which are not dull and fashionable. The earmuffs are quite soft and fit the ears, and can reduce noise to a certain extent.

The earmuffs are disassembled with a buckle design, which can be removed with a light click. The tuning cotton is on the earmuffs, and the 40mm moving coil driver can be seen intuitively by removing the earmuffs. As a veteran audio manufacturer in the industry for more than 20 years, Edifier naturally has its exclusive tuning technology. A tilt unit design is used on the W830BT headset, which is also for tuning to obtain more precise sound and closer to The live sound field performance.

edifier W830BT headphone

Rich Interfaces and Functions

The left unit of Edifier W830BT headphone integrates 3.5mm audio port and USB charging port. The right unit incorporates a 360° omnidirectional microphone with an accurate sound pickup and clear voice. The hidden high-sensitivity microphone supports voice calls and recording functions.

 360° omnidirectional microphone

There is also a headset working indicator and a multi-function button. Through this button, you can pause and play music, answer and hang up calls, cut songs, adjust volume, and pair Bluetooth. There is also an “N” logo on the left unit panel of the headset, which means that it supports the NFC function and can be connected to the headset using NFC.

Convenient Storage, Comfortable to Wear

The earmuffs can be flipped left and right, and can also be folded up and down. This design makes the headset more convenient to store and easy to carry. W830BT’s unit is adjustable to improve better wearing comfort. The concealed steel telescopic head beam is very comfortable to adjust. The soft and skin-friendly PU material wraps the head beam, reducing the pressure on the head caused by wearing headphones for a long time.

edifier W830BT headphone 5

Sound Performance

Edifier W830BT portable Bluetooth headset, built-in a pair of 40mm neodymium iron boron moving coil driver, can achieve 20Hz~20KHz frequency response. The performance of W830BT on tri-frequency is the low frequency that is more satisfying. The low frequency is sufficient, the transient is excellent, and it has a good resolution.

It’s just that the performance on the middle and high frequencies is somewhat unsatisfactory. The vocal voice on the intermediate frequency is slightly thin. Fortunately, the details and emotional analysis are in place, there is no plain feeling, and there is a sense of atmosphere. The low frequency covers some of the mid-frequency sounds, making the sound is a little dull. But listening to pop music will feel very enthusiastic and will not feel tired after listening to it.

edifier W830BT headphone

It also lacks some flexibility in the high frequency, and the sense of hierarchy is not excellent. Of course, a headset with this positioning, if the three frequencies can be well balanced, it will certainly not be at this price.

After replacing the headphone cable, the quality of the entire headset has been improved. The sound details can be heard more clearly.


Edifier W830BT, although it is only good at low frequencies, as a Bluetooth headset, considering its quality, it needs a comprehensive evaluation.

First of all, its portability is outstanding. Besides, its functionality is also very complete, and you can connect two mobile phones at the same time. The actual battery life is also excellent, which is very good for many Bluetooth headset users. Secondly, wearing comfort is still very good.

In general, such a headset is still convenient. W830BT has many advantages, such as appearance conforms to the public’s aesthetics, exquisite artistry, comfortable wearing, 95-hour battery life, powerful sound, and good sound insulation. Listening to music for daily use is entirely competent.

Edifier W830BT Bluetooth Headphone Features

  • Large-diameter sound unit: Edifier developed a new generation of 40mm diameter iron-neodymium-boron moving-coil driver over two years. The sound field is open, the sound quality is smooth, meticulous, and durable, and it can easily control various music types with full strength.
  • Comfortable design: Edifier W830BT headphone adapts multi-directional angle adjustable earmuffs. Strictly tested, the wrap-around style that fits the contours of the human ear, reflects ergonomics’ research results everywhere.
  • Support NFC: W830BT supports connection with devices with NFC function, abandoning manual operation, and simplifying complexity. W830BT is capable of establishing connections with two Bluetooth devices at the same time.
  • Long battery life: W830BT uses a 1500mAh large-capacity battery, combined with the V4.1 version of the CSR low-power Bluetooth chip circuit and low-power amplifier. Up to 95 hours of listening to music, up to 1500 hours of standby time
  • Wired backup, easy to switch: W830BT accessories include high-quality pluggable 3.5mm audio cable. When the headset is out of power or the audio device has no Bluetooth transmission function, it can be connected through the audio cable to switch to wired mode.