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Edifier S3000 Pro Review

As the digital audio industry matures, Edifier, one of the professional speaker brands, has invested a lot of research and development efforts in digital audio technology in recent years. Edifier has launched several high-end independent brands, “AIRPULSE” active speakers, such as A200/A300. We have witnessed a significant improvement in the convenience and sound quality of traditional active speakers brought by various latest digital technologies. Edifier S3000 Pro is the newest released product by Edifier.

edifier S3000 pro

In 2018, Edifier made new adjustments in the home speaker product business, the S series. It can be seen that the S series is not just a representative of the desktop HiFi flagship, but a new strategy that symbolizes Edifier’s entire high-end home audio product line.

The wireless HiFi active new flagship, S3000 Pro is the newest released product by Edifier. After experiencing the product, my personal feeling is that this is a product worthy of the new flagship. New wireless connection technology for left and right boxes, left and right independent digital amplifiers, 128W+128W distortionless power, fully upgraded hardware/speaker configuration, and full HiFi sound quality. At this point, the Edifier S series desktop active HiFi speakers have completed a smooth transition from S1000 to S3000 (or a smooth transition from entry-level to high-end flagship).


S3000 Pro does not continue designing the previous two generations of S series flagship products but uses a different design style. For example, a square shape, a larger size, a thicker box structure (the box uses a high-strength MDF board with a thickness of 21 mm), and a heavier weight (a single box weighs 11.2 kg). The thick plate can not only bring a more reliable overall structure to the cabinet itself but also effectively avoid the cabinet’s resonance, providing a guarantee for perfect sound quality.

As the new flagship of the S series, the appearance of the S3000 is ample and luxurious. The 6.5-inch large-diameter mid-bass driver on the front of the cabinet and the expensive flat treble driver brings a strong visual impact. The side panels are naturally blended using a cherry wood textured plastic process, bringing a strong retro atmosphere.

KleerNet : Wireless Digital Access

For such a large and bulky desktop speaker, it may cause some inconvenience in terms of placement and wiring. Edifier may have considered these two issues. For the first time, the wireless connection technology of the left and right boxes is used on the S series flagship product, allowing users to get rid of the shackles of wires and provides a higher degree of freedom for the placement of speakers. When I try to listen to this product, I can flexibly place the speaker in a more reasonable position to get a better listening experience.

KleerNet Wireless Technology

The S3000 Pro is pre-paired with the left and right boxes at the factory, and the speaker can be connected by itself after being connected to the power supply. It does not require any manual operation and is easy to use. The speaker’s wireless transmission technology is called KleerNet (a wireless audio streaming technology). Unlike general Bluetooth or 2.4G transmission, KleerNet uses two bands with a higher stability of 5.8GHz and 5.2GHz to provide better transmission stability. However, KleerNet also has a transmission bandwidth of 22M, which can transmit high-sampling rate audio signals without pressure, ensuring lossless transmission.

Ample Power

Each cabinet of S3000 Pro uses TI’s TPA3251 power amplifier chip, and the theoretical maximum power can reach 175W. Edifier claims that the undistorted power of the S3000 pro single speaker can reach 128W, an extremely abundant power for a pair of bookshelf boxes with 6.5-inch speakers. This power performance also allows the S3000 Pro to easily break through the power limitations on its performance, bringing a more balanced sound performance.

Multiple Interface

Both speakers have their power switches on the back panel. The right speaker is also equipped with an optical input, an RCA input, a USB input, a coaxial input, and even two XLR inputs.

edifier S3000 pro back panel

S3000 Pro also has Bluetooth 5.0 functionality. At present, traditional desktop speakers’ Bluetooth transmission protocol is usually 4.0 or 4.2, which can maintain stable signal transmission within a range of 10 meters. But the disadvantage is that it can not transmit high-definition audio signals, and there is often a noticeable noise floor.

edifier s3000 pro bluetooth 5.0

The S3000 Pro has been fully upgraded in Bluetooth transmission, using the CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 chipset from Qualcomm, and built-in apt-X HD high-definition audio decoder, supporting lossless transmission up to 24bit/192KHz sampling rate. If your phone or player also supports apt-X HD, you can enjoy high-definition lossless music in a wireless connection.

Driver and DSP

The S3000 Pro uses a new planar diaphragm tweeter, which costs more than a silk diaphragm tweeter. Planar ribbon tweeters provide unparalleled transient sound response for more detailed, delicate sounding highs. Get a more consistent sound from room to room, and enjoy the same quality audio in a large living room as you would in a small den. Experience speakers that respond to even the subtlest waveforms to offer a brighter, airier sound.

edifier S3000 pro tweeter

The 6.5-inch aluminium alloy diaphragm bass unit is used. A state of the art aluminium cone provides consistent flex less piston action even at high output volumes, delivering a clearer, more precise sound. Output powerful room-shaking bass for everything from movies to music. The large-sized mid-bass unit usually brings a more relaxed and natural sound, and the fatigue after extended listening will be lower than that of the small-sized driver.

edifier S3000 pro woofer

As a highly digital speaker, S3000 Pro also uses digital crossover technology and DSP technology. The DSP chip uses TI’s professional-grade DSP chip TLV320AIC3268. Each box has a set of DSP chips, which can control the input signal’s dynamic range, reducing the probability of distortion of the final sound. It is said to be very useful when used in conjunction with a metal diaphragm driver.

The digital interface part of S3000 Pro adopts the classic PCM5242 DAC, supports 24bit/192kHz, and the signal-to-noise ratio is up to 114dB. The analog interface uses TI’s PCM1861 chip, which can also achieve the highest sampling rate of 192kHz, and the signal-to-noise ratio is also Reached 110dB.

edifier S3000 pro

Sound Quality

Edifier S3000 Pro’s tri-band is very natural and can truly restore songs. Its high-frequency dynamics and resolving power are incredible, and it is easy to grasp the control of details. Whether it is at high volume or medium and low volume, the details are apparent, and the ear will not feel irritated.

In the mid-frequency section, the S3000 Pro’s vocals are precise, and the instrument’s separation is kept just right. When listening to vocals, the position of the vocals is apparent, as if the singer was singing affectionately in front of me. Even every subtle air exchange sound is clear and audible, vividly expressing the singer’s emotional expression.

The low frequency of S3000 Pro is plentiful and flexible. When listening to large-scale classical music or fast-paced metal music, the low-frequency transient control is solid, not loose, and slow at all.

edifier S3000 pro hi-res

I have heard the S1000 and the S2000MKII before, and the performance of the two speakers in terms of the sound field is quite satisfactory. It is not comfortable enough to control the big scene music scene. With the new generation of S3000 Pro, the lack of sound field finally reached a significant improvement. This time, the horizontal sound field and vertical sound field of the S3000 Pro are ultra-wide, which can well control large scenes such as the symphony and classical music. The sound has a stronger sense of envelopment and also brings a better sense of immersion. In general, the sound performance of the new flagship S3000 Pro has high-fidelity audio quality, and the cost performance is particularly evident in this speaker.


Edifier S3000 Pro large-size unit brings a sense of looseness to a certain extent, neutralizes and enhances musical expression.

The most distinctive feature of S3000 Pro is the variety and convenience brought by the high degree of digitization. From Bluetooth 5.0 to XMOS to coaxial, optical fiber SPDIF, and other diverse access capabilities, its flexibility is unmatched by traditional HIFI active speakers. Especially for those music lovers who are just getting started and have limited money and environment, they can quickly build a sound quality system without spending too much energy and money, allowing people to enjoy the music itself. We think this is the most significant value of S3000 Pro.

edifier S3000 pro

Of course, the S3000 Pro appearance must also be affirmed, especially when you have a more relaxed desktop environment, or use it with the stand in the living room or study room. Even if it is not turned on every day, it can bring an enjoyable experience.

After extensive use of the Edifier’s top-level AIRPULSE A300’s configuration and technology, the innovative use of a dual main box design with completely symmetrical left and right cabinets and wireless connection, the S3000 Pro cannot be regarded as an A300 simplified version. It fully embodies the Edifier’s understanding of the development of mainstream active 2.0 speaker technology and respect for the changes in user needs in a new era.

Edifier S3000 Pro Specs

  • INPUT TYPE:Line in, Balance, Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial, USB
  • TOTAL POWER OUTPUT:R/L (Treble): 8W+8W RMS | R/L (Mid-range and bass): 120W+120W RMS
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY:Line in: 600 ± 50mV | Balance: 1000 ± 50mV | OPT/COAX: 400 ± 50mFFs | Bluetooth: 450 ± 50mFFs | USB: 400 ± 50mFFs
  • BASS UNIT:6.5” (179mm)
  • CABINET SIZE:9 inches x 10.5 inches x14 inches