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EDIFIER s2000 Pro Active Wireless Speaker Review

In 2005, Edifier’s high-end flagship product S2000, was launched on the market. This product, designed by the sound master Phil Jones, has maintained its position as a classic in the industry with its pure sound quality and sophisticated craftsmanship. In 2016, Edifier once again released a big move, and an epoch-making high-end new flagship S2000 pro 2.0 speaker shocked the market! S2000 Pro adopts the S series’s classic cabinet design, which greatly improves the user’s near-field listening experience. Edifier S2000 Pro represents Edifier’s technological strength in the development of HiFi speakers. It shows that the low-key Edifier has never stopped the research and development of high-end speaker products.

edifier s2000 pro

Luxurious Classic Design

The Edifier S2000 Pro still uses the standard 2.0 channel design. The most eyeball-catching appearance feature of the main body must be this ladder-shaped solid wood cabinet. The thickness is up to 18mm, and it has undergone multiple polishing and flattening processes to reduce resonance effectively. The solid wood material is matched with a high-quality lacquer surface, and each corner is chamfered and polished, which makes the touch feel amazing. The wood grain is quite textured, and the edges of the side panels are smoothly transitioned and polished. There are no sharp corners in the whole box. This design can be said to be quite brilliant, and it is also in line with the style of Edifier’s continuous refinement in process design.

From the perspective of acoustics, the trapezoidal box is more in line with the acoustic structure, which can effectively reduce the generation of standing waves, allowing users to greatly improve the near-field listening experience. And the front baffle and the vertical plane have an upward slope of about 15 degrees. This design is more in line with the human ear’s listening angle.

The bottom details are often a key point that many manufacturers tend to overlook. The two bottoms of the Edifier S2000Pro are equipped with non-slip footpads. The rubber pads are made of metal alloy and covered with a layer of soft rubber, which has quite good stability and anti-slip performance.

The grill on the speaker’s front adopts a detachable design, and the speaker unit inside can be seen through the grille. The grill of S2000 Pro is mainly made of cotton yarn and can be washed directly with water. The bottom of the grill, directly below the EDIFIER Logo, is the signal indicator and infrared remote control receiving area.

edifier s2000 pro 2

Compared with other brand products, whether it is cabinet thickness or wood texture details, there is a qualitative improvement. The main box’s size is 196x336x268mm, and the size of the auxiliary box is 196x336x268mm; the speaker’s weight has reached 16.65KG, which is quite heavy in the desktop 2.0 speaker.

The large-diameter bass port with a diameter of 60mm on the back speaker panel gives people a strong sense of visual impact. The S2000Pro is more domineering, and it also indicates that its bass will have a good performance.


The interface and control knobs of S2000 Pro are all on the back of the main speaker. There are three knobs in total, from top to bottom: volume adjustment/input switching, treble adjustment, and bass adjustment. The main volume knob adopts a 50-level digital adjustment design. It can also intelligently control the power-on volume to prevent the sudden loudness of the power-on from human hearing damage. It is worth mentioning that the master volume knob also has the function of pressing to switch the input source. The design is very clever.

There are two ways to switch input channels. One is to use the volume adjustment button on the back of the speaker. Each time you press to change an input source, the power indicator below the main speaker panel will light up. For example, it is blue in Bluetooth mode and green in AUX mode. Red indicates the fiber input mode.

edifier s2000 pro input interfaces

Another way is through the remote control, which is more straightforward and simple. You can control the speakers while lying on the bed far away. There are four preset sound modes: monitor, vocal, classical, and dynamic on the remote control board. You can choose different sound style preset schemes when listening to different types of tracks.

In addition to supporting fiber, coaxial, RCA, and XLR inputs, Edifier S2000Pro also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 functions and supports mainstream APT-X and AAC Bluetooth transmission and decoding. It’s a little more convenient to listen directly to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. Even S2000Pro can be used with almost all common household digital devices such as Blu-ray players, TV boxes, LCD TVs, and flat panels in your home.

A 5-meter-long 5-pin wire connects the main and auxiliary speakers on the back. First of all, this wire should be praised. It has a shielding layer. The wire is thick but not stiff. It is a wire with decent artistry and materials, just Like the characteristics of some professional cables.

Driver Unit

S2000 Pro did not use the dome tweeter commonly used by Edifiers this time but innovatively adopted a more costly flat diaphragm unit. Compared with the traditional dome unit, the flat diaphragm unit has lower distortion, higher resolution and sensitivity, and more detailed performance.The speaker used on S2000Pro is manufactured and adjusted by Edifier. The voice coil of the speaker is printed on the diaphragm in a ring shape.

edifer s2000 pro tweeter

The woofer is a 5.5-inch mid-woofer. It uses a high-strength, low-distortion aluminum sound cone. The rubber folding area’s design is also different from that of many speakers, mainly for energy absorption. For 2.0 bookshelf speakers, the 5.5-inch mid-woofer is a relatively decent size.

edifier s2000 pro woofer

Most bookshelf speakers are 4-inch mid-woofers, and the dynamics of the sound and the range of the bass are easily limited. Usually, 5.5-inch woofers have more bass energy and can get more powerful bass.

Digital Power Amplifier

S2000Pro continues to use TI’s TAS5754 digital power amplifier chip. That is a closed-loop class D amplifier with a PWM frequency of 768kHz, which can fully optimize high-frequency distortion and local noise. The digital audio interface of S2000Pro has a digital audio signal up to 24BIT, 192KHz. It is a high-sampling, high-bit-rate playback device with high resolution and rich sound details.

Different from using two power amplifier chips to amplify the treble and mid-bass respectively, on the S2000 Pro, three TAS5754s are used. The two woofers each use a chip, and the two tweeters are driven by another TAS5754. The power of the mid-bass power amplifier channel is 50Wx2, and the control of the treble part is 15Wx2.

edifier s2000 pro TAS5754

Digital Crossover

In terms of digital crossover function, S2000Pro still uses two TI TLV320AIC3254 programmable DSPs to complete. It achieves the precise frequency division of the speakers and fine-tunes the sound style of the speakers you want. S2000Pro adds four sound style options under the control of this digital crossover system, Monitor, Dynamic, Classic, and Vocal. The four groups of modes show slight adjustments under the frequency response curve. The specific listening experience will be discussed below.

Analog Input

For the analog input channel, PCM1802 of Burr-Brown Company, a Texas Instruments subsidiary, is selected. It has a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to 105dB and a dynamic range of up to 105dB. The input stage uses WIMA capacitors recognized in the traditional HIFI field to ensure a lower signal loss.

edifier s2000 pro PCM1802

Signal Receiving and Management Module

Since the digital power amplifier is used for the final amplification, the input analog signal must be processed by ADC. For the input of multiple audio sources, remote control, switching, display, and other tasks also need the chip to be responsible for management. S2000 Pro supports coaxial, optical S/Pdif input, standard analog signal input, and Bluetooth wireless input. In the control module of the entire speaker system, S2000 Pro still uses the STM 8L152 microcontroller chip to complete this task.

Four Sound EQ Modes

This time the Edifier has implanted a very interesting feature on S2000 Pro, 4 sound EQ modes, CLASSIC, MONITOR, DYNAMIC, and VOCAL. Equivalent to a car, it takes time to realize the handling of BMW, the comfort of Mercedes-Benz, the nobleness of Bentley, and the off-road of Land Rover. The user can choose the appropriate sound mode according to the different styles of the tracks.

edifier s2000 pro 4 EQ mode

Dynamic EQ mode

The sound pleases the human ear. Both the low frequency and the middle and high frequency can be lifted, and the human ear feels that the sound becomes brighter. This kind of tuning is suitable for most popular rock or game theater applications.

Monitor EQ mode

The overall tri-band will tend to be flat in monitor mode if you switch from the dynamic mode. You will immediately feel that the whole voice becomes a little dark and lacks a little excitement. For mass users, this mode may seem too plain, but those who are usually used to monitor speakers should be able to accept it.

Vocal EQ mode

Similar to the dynamic mode, but the image of the human voice will be more prominent, and the three-dimensional effect will be stronger.

Classical EQ mode

This mode is very close to the dynamic mode. The key point is that the low-frequency part is more dynamic, while the mid-to-high frequency overtone part will be smoother in the classical mode.

Audio Performance

High-frequency performance: S2000 Pro’s pair of flat-diaphragm tweeters did not disappoint us. The high frequencies that it exhibits are as clear and supple as high-end silk diaphragm speakers and retain good high-frequency brightness. The high frequency is accompanied by a wealth of information so that when you listen to the metal orchestra, you can present the bursting string sound and the fine and long instrument texture.

Mid-frequency performance

S2000Pro’s mid-frequency is looser, perhaps because of the tuning characteristics of dual DSPs, or the addition of independent ADC. S2000Pro’s mid-frequency is a bit less rendering, and it is more willing to express the original state of music. A few degrees of freedom, that is, the intermediate frequency appears to be more open. Typically, when auditioning vocals, S2000Pro can show the strong male voice very well. The voice is calm and free, resonant, and powerful. When auditioning the female voice, S2000Pro can show the sweetness of the female voice.

Low-frequency erformance

edifier s2000 pro

In the low-frequency part, S2000Pro has plenty of low-frequency energy and a good sense of hierarchy. When listening to a drum track, whether it is at high volume or in a complex scene, every time the music’s progress accompanies the drumbeat, it can be clearly and naturally transmitted to the ear. That also fully shows that S2000Pro has an excellent ability in low-frequency detail processing and transient control.

In general, combining these three will be very different from other products. First, thanks to the efficient dual DSP design, the tri-band transitions smoothly and naturally by default, and there is no obvious sense of abruptness. Second, the overall sound is clear and clean, which can fit most listeners’ ears. After all, the tight feeling of listening is always a bit contrary to “music is a kind of enjoyment”. Third, the sound image is better. The sound lines presented are clear.


Edifier S2000 Pro is the flagship product of Edifier that combines classic Hi-Fi concepts and cutting-edge technology. It adopts a flat tweeter, aluminum basin mid-bass woofer, DSP electronic crossover, and provides four sound modes. Choose luxurious solid-wood side panel, structure, look elegant and luxury. Support optical fiber, coaxial, Bluetooth, and other multiple-input. Flat tweeter, high resolution, high sensitivity, shocking and unforgettable. Monitor, vocal, classical, and dynamic four sound modes, creating the ultimate HIFI experience.

Edifier S2000 Pro Specs

  • NOISE LEVEL: ≤25dB(A)
  • TWEETER UNIT: Planar diaphragm tweeters
  • MIDRANGE / BASS UNIT: 5.5 inch (148mm)
  • DIMENSION: 8in x 13.5in x 10.5in (WxHxD)
  • TOTAL POWER OUTPUT: L/R (treble): 12W+12W RMS | L/R (mid-range and bass): 50W + 50W RMS
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY: Balanced input: 700±50mV | Auxiliary input: 600±50mV | Bluetooth input: 350±50mFFs | Optical input: 350±50mFFs | Coaxial input: 350±50 mFFs