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Dynaudio Music 3 Bluetooth speaker Review: Simple Design, Shocking Sense of Listening!

Fans are certainly not new to the brand of Dynaudio. Dynaudio is the top speaker brand from Denmark. At present, many high-end cars use Dynaudio’s speaker system. Dynaudio speakers will give users an original sound reproduction unique listening experience. At present, Dynaudio has also begun to exert efforts on wireless speakers. It released Dynaudio Music 1, Dynaudio Music 3, Dynaudio Music 5, Dynaudio Music 7, and many other different models of integrated audio in one breath. The Dynaudio Music 3, its size is not small, suitable for home use, and brings me a different auditory feast. 

Intelleintelligent Wireless Music System

What I like Music 3 Bluetooth speakers the most is the room adaptive acoustic technology. This technology corrects the acoustic characteristics of the room through the built-in microphone. Besides reducing the noise in the room, the sound effects presented is more clear and delicate. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the music played around.

Dynaudio Music 3 Bluetooth speaker has a distinctive appearance design. It adopts a geometric cut design, making it not only simple but also a technological style. Wherever you place it, it is always a decoration that is also a beautiful landscape.

Music 3 is equipped with two Dynaudio soft dome tweeters, which was tuned by Dynaudio’s laboratory in Denmark. The woofer is made of MSP material and pure aluminum voice coil developed by Dynaudio. Plus, using the rear magnet design, the bass shows excellent and dynamic performance. Whether listening to pop, classic, or even rock music, you can feel different auditory effects. It is the difference between other Bluetooth speakers.

Multiple Buttons and Interfaces : Easy to Use

There are six physical buttons on the top position: the volume up and down button, the up and down song play button, the pause button, and the Wi-Fi Bluetooth switch button. In operation, the design is simple and easy to understand.

dynaudio music 3

The two-round buttons on the top left are the volume up and down buttons. There is also a volume indicator design next to it. As the volume increases, the more lights are on.

On the right are the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switch buttons. It is also particularly simple in terms of continuous connection. If you press and hold the Wi-Fi Bluetooth light for 2 seconds, you can turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can select the desired connection method through the mobile phone.

Under the back is the layout of the interfaces, which are the USB interface, RESET, AUX and power jack. You can connect other devices through USB or AUX. No matter which way you are more accustomed to playing music, this speaker can easily satisfy you.

Besides being controlled by the speaker’s buttons, a remote control comes with the Dynaudio Music 3. The function of the buttons is similar to the top. You can use the remote control to select and control when the sound is far away from us.

dynaudio music 3

Exclusive APP “Dynaudio Music”

Music 3 also comes with an exclusive APP “Dynaudio Music”, which can be used to select and play music. Currently, Android and IOS are supported.

The app is integrated with many mainstream media content operators. It provids massive online music and audio content, including TIDAL and Spotify. The APP allows you to enjoy massive amounts of music content without downloading. Of course, the APP includes EQ settings for the bass and treble, and you can adjust it according to their own needs.

The Dynaudio Music 3 Bluetooth speaker is versatile in a variety of scenarios. For example you can connect it to the TV at home with an AUX cable to make up for the lack of built-in speakers.

The sound quality of the the laptop computer we daily work with is so simple. When the Music 3 is connected, experence of listening to music is significantly improved.

Another important aspect is the built-in lithium battery. The battery make the Music 3 can achieve 8 hours of battery life when fully charged.

After introducing Music 3’s design and app usage, let’s talk about the performance of sound quality.

dynaudio music 3

Performance Exceeds Your Expectation

In the first test song, I chose a very classic Eagles Hotel California. What I have to say is that at the beginning of the crisp guitar sound, it behaved tightly and brought me into it at once. The balance of the mid-frequency is well controlled, with a strong sense of immersion.

In the high-frequency test, I chose Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen.  With the clean violin tone, there was no harshness. After finishing, I not only has a shocking feeling but also has a sense of fresh ears.

For the low-frequency test, I chose the drum poems that I usually use for earphone testing. The drum sounds brought out are not only rich in sound and rich in level, but also transparent and robust. I am quite satisfied with the low-frequency part. After listening to the whole song, I was thoroughly infected by the shock of the low frequency. It can have such an excellent performance. Dynaudio Music 3 Bluetooth speaker has exceeded my imagination.


After a comprehensive experience, I am delighted with the overall performance of the Dynaudio Music 3 Bluetooth speaker. The simple and stI am delighted with the performance of the Dynaudio Music 3 Bluetooth speaker. The simple and stylish design can be integrated into most home decoration styles. With a variety of different connection methods, it can be applied to more scenarios. The sound quality is even better, whether it is vocal or instrumental music. High frequencies are clear and bright, mid-range frequencies are balanced and low frequencies are strong and shocking. Overall it has an outstanding resolution. If you need a stylish speaker with excellent sound quality, Dynaudio Music 3 Bluetooth speaker is an excellent choice.

dynaudio music 3

Dynaudio Music 3 Specifications

  • Specification sheet for Music part 2
  • Drivers: 2 x 1in tweeters, 2 x 3in midrange, 5in woofers
  • Amplifier power: 5*50W for woofer, midrange and tweeter
  • Power consumption: 75W standby<0.5W
  • Samples rates: 32Hz – 96kHz
  • Bit rates: 16-24bit
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Weight: 5.4kg
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 201 x 659 x 185mm
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz – 20kHz
  • Distortion %THD: <0.3%
  • Acoustic enclosure type: Vented box