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Things you should know about Dolby Atmos Cinema

Speaking of Dolby Atmos, everyone may be familiar with it. For example, we will come into contact with the cinemas we often visit. Besides, Dolby Atmos is also widely used in home theaters. Next, we talk about Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos is a new theatre audio platform developed by Dolby Laboratories and released on April 24, 2012. It breaks through the traditional concept of 5.1 and 7.1 channels. It combines the content of the movie to present dynamic sound effects from far to near. With the addition of speakers on the ceiling, the sound field is surrounded, and more sound details are displayed. To enhance the audience’s feelings, the sound has a qualitative change in circumstance and fidelity.

Dolby has tried 9.1, 11.1, 13.1 channel systems, but the increase in the channel is only quantitative, not qualitative. Therefore, in this case, Dolby must introduce a sound format that is fundamentally different from the past; that is, Dolby Atmos.

dolby atmos cinema

This technology can create immersive and shocking sound effects. The sound is always lingering around you. In layman’s terms, the Dolby sound effect is to make the sound become 3D.

Dolby Atmos  Demo

Dolby Atmos is to achieve the positioning of sound objects. For example, if the bullet flies over, the sound of the bullet will be heard one by one from the speakers, so the positioning is stronger and more realistic. When falling from high altitude, the wind next to it sounds from bottom to top. When the glass breaks, the sound comes from all directions. The previous equipment, rain sound, thunder sound, a helicopter hovering sound, you can only feel from the front or back. Using Dolby Atmos, you will feel these sounds are coming from above you because There are indeed many speakers above your head.

dolby atmos cinema sound above

In fact, from the comparison of mono, dual, stereo, and surround sound, it is just that the number of speakers is different, and the placement is different. Dolby Atmos breaks through the traditional concept of 5.1 and 7.1 channels Combine video content. It presents dynamic sound effects and can accurately deploy and moving sounds in any position in three-dimensional space, including above the head. Dolby Atmos achieves adaptive playback, ensuring that in any environment and with different speaker configurations, it is possible to play as closely as possible to the effect the original creator envisioned. There are four main advantages of Dolby panoramic sound effects:

Create engaging sound effects for theaters

The sound comes from all directions, including the top of the head, creating an extremely clear, full, detailed, and profound sound effect in the theatre.

Let the sound linger around you

The sound effects of the story on the screen will linger around you in three-dimensional space, making you feel as if you are in the plot.

Bring you a shocking mobile entertainment experience

Its sound effect will stimulate your senses, make your heart surging, and bring you a full range of entertainment shock.

Convey the creative intention of the artist

Dolby Atmos provides artists with excellent new features for telling stories, dubbing games, or playing music to fully experience the artist’s work.

Where is the best place to watch a Dolby Atmos movie?

When watching IMAX movies, there are arguments about choosing the best theatre and choosing the best viewing seat. There are many online strategies in this regard. In previous 5.1-channel theatres, if you sit on the side, your hearing experience may not be as good as in the middle. But in Dolby Atmos Cinema, even when sitting on the side, the hearing experience is greatly improved because you can feel the sound’s movement. Therefore, in the Dolby Atmos Theater, from the hearing experience alone, you don’t have to sit in the middle, and the hearing effect in other areas outside the centre is improved than before.