DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver

DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver Review

In 2010, DENON, a company founded in 1910, celebrated its 100th anniversary by launching seven special edition products. These included 1 CD player, 1 Blu-ray player, 1 HI-FI amplifier, 1 AV amplifier, a turntable, a cartridge, and a pair of headphones. This year, DENON has released a 110th-anniversary commemorative series of products comprising four items: an AV amplifier, a CD/SACD player, a HI-FI amplifier, and a cartridge.

DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver

DENON decided to introduce these 110th-anniversary commemorative products because the D&M Group, which owns DENON, celebrated the 110th anniversary of the DENON brand after it became part of the Sound United group in 2017.

Simultaneously, the impact of the pandemic has led to a surge in the sales of home entertainment equipment, as many people have opted to enjoy movies and music at home. As the parent company of DENON, this 110th-anniversary commemorative series of products serves as a significant strategy for the year, likely aimed at further stimulating the consumer market in response to the changing entertainment landscape.

DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver


The AVC-A110 AV amplifier’s standout feature is its HDMI transmission interface, which supports up to 8K UHD video, with specifications including 8K/60Hz (capable of reaching 4K/120Hz when transmitting 4K content). It also supports the BT.2020 color space and offers high-dynamic imaging support for HDR10+, HDR, HLG, and Dolby Vision formats.

Regarding surround audio, it supports four 3D surround sound effects: Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, Auro-3D, and IMAX Enhanced, with a maximum output of 13.2 channels. Additionally, the AVR-A110 integrates HEOS multi-room digital streaming music playback functionality, along with features like Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth, showcasing its advanced functionality.

DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver

Many people may question 8K UHD’s significance today, considering that 4K UHD has only recently gained popularity and there’s a lack of 8K UHD content and players for home use. However, looking at it from a different perspective, DENON’s approach aims to extend the lifecycle of the AVC-A110, ensuring that this AV amplifier won’t become outdated for approximately five years. In the enthusiast community, you could say that the AVC-A110 is a “future-proof” choice.

DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver

The AVC-A110 shares similarities in external appearance, size, materials, and internal layout with my AVC-X8500H at home. However, there are noticeable differences in their construction. For instance, the AVC-A110 features a graphite silver finish on the chassis, which gives it a distinct look. The unit’s front panel has a “110” logo in the lower right corner, the bottom has cast iron feet, and the speaker wire terminals have been improved. The craftsmanship of the top cover is also more refined.

Regarding the internal circuit board layout, the two models are similar. However, there are distinct changes in various details of the digital circuitry, analog circuitry, and other components. For example, the AVC-A110 has added a metal cover to the top of the streaming media playback circuit module, and the power transformer has a copper base.

Furthermore, since the AVC-A110’s video processing section supports 8K UHD, there have been upgrades to the HDMI input/output circuitry and video processing chips, with adjustments made to the circuit layout. Similarly, some components in the power amplification section, such as capacitors and inductors, have been adjusted. These adjustments, especially in the amplification circuit, directly impact the audio playback quality.

DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver

You are familiar with DENON’s recent AV amplifiers, especially given your use of the AVC-X8500H. The AVC-A110’s menu and operation are undoubtedly very similar to what you’re accustomed to.

The AVC-A110 boasts strong support for various surround sound formats and ultra-high-definition video formats and features ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certification for its video processing section. This certification is evident in the video modes, including ISF Night and ISF DayLight options and the video upscaling capabilities.

The built-in Audyssey automatic calibration function is a significant feature in the audio department. Audyssey typically requires testing at eight points near the listening area and insists on aligning the microphone’s height with the ear level. The auto-calibration process is straightforward; following system prompts make it easy to complete.

DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver

However, it’s essential to calibrate the subwoofer’s volume and use the provided microphone for testing. Additionally, the system should be calibrated in a relatively quiet environment to prevent significant noise interference, which could affect the test results.

The Audyssey automatic calibration function sets parameters like crossover points, delays, individual channel levels, and equalization. If you find the results unsatisfactory, you can make manual adjustments to achieve your desired audio quality.

DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver

Through the Audyssey automatic calibration function, the overall sound quality is pleasing. It ensures good sound clarity and clean bass without excessive exaggeration. It doesn’t emphasize high-pitched or overly powerful bass effects. This kind of sound provides an enjoyable initial impression without fatigue over time. The AVC-A110 allows for a relaxed and comfortable audio experience, whether watching movies or listening to music.

Sound Performance

Play the Dolby test clip from the “Star Wars” game demo, and what’s important isn’t just the precise movement and positioning of sound and the powerful explosion effects. In the test clip featuring the Amazon rainforest, the thunder sounds deep and not overly heavy. “Jazz Legends” is my favorite music Blu-ray disc, known for its excellent sound quality.

Among the tracks, I particularly enjoy “Together,” where the accompaniment’s drumming is crystal clear, and the instrument positioning is distinct. However, I prefer Chris Botti’s rendition of “My Funny Valentine” on the trumpet. The trumpet’s sound is smooth and natural and, most importantly, creates a three-dimensional stage with depth.

DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver

Watching the documentary “Planet Earth II” where the audio is derived from natural environments, the AVC-A110 delivers a cinematic sound. When enhanced with panoramic sound effects, it provides a stronger sense of surround and spatial awareness.

With the AVC-A110 calibrated using Audyssey’s automatic correction, its sound performance meets the needs of the majority of households for both movie watching and music listening. After all, in daily life, we seek that relaxed and comfortable feeling to make it enjoyable and sustainable, whether watching an entire movie or attending a concert.

However, as mentioned earlier, some individuals may find this sound not exciting or thrilling enough. In such cases, adjustments can be made manually to cater to personal preferences. For instance, I’ve manually increased the subwoofer’s volume to make the bass more impactful.

DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver


The Denon AVC-A110 8K surround sound AV amplifier builds upon the foundation of its predecessor flagship models, offering upgraded support for video formats and adjustments to audio circuitry and other components. This ensures a longer “lifecycle” for the AVC-A110 in the market and enhances the audio playback performance.

DENON AVC-A110 8K AV Receiver

The Audyssey automatic correction feature, allows the AVC-A110 to produce balanced, natural, non-exaggerated sound, providing a relaxed and comfortable audio experience for both movies and music. Positioned as a home-use device, the AVC-A110 is more than capable of meeting the requirements of most users in this aspect. For those seeking a more personalized or superior experience, delving into manual adjustments is the key, tailored to individual preferences and skills.