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Cambridge Audio One Review – The All in One Music System

Recently, one category of products has been particularly popular, that is, all-in-one players! The source equipment and power amplifier equipment are built in a small machine. In this way, consumers can enjoy beautiful music by adding a pair of speakers. The integrated player is more convenient for music lovers. But it is a bit more advanced than the integrated active Bluetooth speaker, which is especially loved by ordinary fans who have specific requirements for sound quality! Marantz in Japan and Cambridge in the UK have similar products, which can be regarded as mainstream all in one integrated product on the market. Today we mainly explain the Cambridge Audio ONE all in one music system for everyone.

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Extremely Rich Interface

Let’s take a look at the back interface of the Cambridge Audio ONE, the input interfaces are:

  • CD, including MP3 and WMA formats
  • Bluetooth
  • USB audio
  • 1 x S/PDIF coaxial digital audio input
  • 1 x TosLink optical digital audio input
  • 1 x RCA analogue audio input
  • 1 x 3.5mm analogue audio input
  • FM radio tuner
cambridge audio one back panel

It can be said that there are all kinds of methods. The compact Hi-Fi quality music system allows your music system to connect to various audio sources due to multiple digital inputs. It has a class AB amplifier and Wolfson WM8728 digital-to-analog converter. One outputs 30W per channel, so it should be able to play all your music.

USB-B Makes One the Center of Desktop Entertainment

Through the computer USB output, ONE itself is a DAC product, and it is not significant, put on the desktop and cooperate with the computer, computer-centric music, games, movies, can be played through ONE. It can even be used to connect headphones. It can be said that an ordinary desktop is instantly dressed up as an entertainment center. Similar products may not have similar characteristics.
In addition, in order to match the overall aesthetics placed in different positions, the Cambridge Audio One and the matching MINX XL speakers are also divided into black and white finishes for consumers.

cambridge audio one

HiFi All-in-one with Dual Independent Channel Design

Many people think that as such a small integrated music system, it is rich in functions. Indeed, most similar products use this as a selling point. However, as Cambridge Audio ONE, when you open the cover of the machine, you will find that even in such a small box, you can still see an elegant dual independent two-channel amplifier system, which is very surprising!

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Let’s take a look at this internal structure—first, a large toroidal transformer, plus left and right heat sinks.

We can see the Cambridge Audio toroidal transformer in the middle, which is very rare and full of weight in a small integrated system.
That embodies the tradition of Cambridge as the first brand to manufacture power amplifiers with toroidal transformers and adhere to the concept of HiFi.

cambridge audio one transformer

On the left and right sides of this machine, there are two power amplifier boards, L_CH and R_CH, on both sides of the device. Each forms an independent mono mode.

The front end is a decoding circuit, and the bottom of the decoding circuit is a slot-in CD reading platform.

cambridge audio one front panel

From the other side, we can see that the bottom surface of the circuit board and the components are all facing the inner part of the machine. Even with such an integrated music system, the Cambridge Audio ONE is entirely designed following Hi-End standards. Class AB amplifier type is unique among most similar products using the class D amplifier.

cambridge audio one circuit detail


The Cambridge Audio ONE music system allows you to no longer choose between convenience and sound quality. Because One uses high-end components, engineers provide high-fidelity sound quality for all inputs. Using advanced digital-to-analog converters and transformers, you will enjoy all your music’s admirable performance at 30 watts of class AB RMS power per channel. This high-quality digital-to-analog converter stretches the incredible details of each type of music. The Cambridge Audio One becomes the best choice for desktop entertainment and small space HIFI enjoyment.

Cambridge Audio One Music System Feature

  • Premium-grade inhaler CD drive offering WMA and MP3 playback
  • Bluetooth connectivity, allowing audio to be streamed from any paired Bluetooth device
  • USB audio input allowing streaming of up to 24-bit/96kHz audio from computer
  • Analog and digital audio inputs
  • Front-mounted MP3 player input allowing connection of other MP3 players
  • Dedicated subwoofer output
  • Integrated DAB+ and FM tuner Speaker binding posts – no spring clips Clock, alarm and sleep timer functionality
  • Custom designed full metal chassis – offers stunning looks and build quality and enables the housing of all high-end audio components and circuitry in one 230mm wide case
  • Azur Navigator remote control
  • Available in gloss white and gloss black finishes

Cambridge Audio One Specs

  • POWER OUTPUT: 30 watts RMS per channel (into 8 Ohms)
  • CONNECTIVITY: CD, including MP3 and WMA formats, Bluetooth, USB audio, 1 x S/PDIF coaxial digital audio input, 1 x TosLink optical digital audio inputs, 1 x RCA analogue audio input, 1 x 3.5mm analogue audio input, DAB+, DAB and FM radio tuner
  • COLOUR: Black or White
  • DIMENSIONS (WXHXD): 230 x 112 x 295mm (9 x 4.4 x 11.6″)
  • WEIGHT: 4.6kg (10.1lbs)