2020 Inventory|the Major Online Children’s Music Education Brands That Are Better And Worse, And A Look At This Article Is Sufficient

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Online learning piano online escorts are indistinguishable? What are the advantages and highlights of each brand? What is the price of online and offline?

According to data from the Chinese Musicians Association, there were more than 30 million piano children in China as of 2016, and the number is growing at a rate of 10% per year. If you want your child to develop a good temperament and self-confidence from a young age, learning to play the piano is an essential solution.

However, as the saying goes, learning and practicing are not the same thing. Behind the polished public performance, there are countless children who persevere with the tedious “nightmare” of learning and practicing piano, and countless parents who are concerned about finding a good teacher and a good institution to accompany them.

In the last two years, online piano online coaching and other Internet products have sprung up, greatly reducing the burden on parents to transport their children to gnaw on their own coaching, but with the rapid development of the Internet, parents are gradually picking their eyes, in the spirit of “no best, only the most suitable” pertinent attitude, I selected the mainstream children’s piano APP products on the market.

Brands of online piano instruction for children

The market’s online piano teaching brands for children with no foundation and less than one year of piano age are classified as follows: real 1 to 1 teaching video recording class (system class) teaching

1.The Music Hive

Suitable age range: children aged 4 to 9 years.

Method of instruction: online live one-on-one lessons with real teachers.

Product features: an APP can be completed to learn the piano accompanying practice exams (accompanying practice is mentioned in the first part of the detailed explanation).

APP Functions

Learning to play the piano: the class consists of animated IP interactive plot tasks, 1-to-1 guided teaching, and teacher demonstration of playing.

Accompanying practice: AI intelligent accompanying practice mode call online 1 to 1 teacher guidance, APP with voice recognition function, can recognize piano sound

Exams: We have currently formed a partnership with xxx and can support online registration and examinations.

Only full-time teachers who have graduated from the domestic Top 11 Music Academy and have taught piano to children for more than two years are employed.

A step-by-step teaching system for children aged 4 to 9. Children as young as one year old can be taught, and the curriculum is being developed over a two-year period.

Class equipment: currently only supports Apple iPad after the purchase of the class to send a patent camera experience class free shipping to provide hand-rolled piano shared use (this is very accommodating to families without a piano).

Lesson length: 40 minutes per section for major piano teaching, unlimited AI intelligent accompaniment (you can call the online teacher at any time to guide the piano practice).

The cost of the lesson package

16 weeks lessons at 3200 RMB, 48 weeks at 8000 RMB, and 96 weeks at 14400 RMB, with an average of 150-200 RMB per week.

Each week includes one 40-minute online tutoring session for the main lesson, as well as unlimited intelligent tutoring. A free electric piano activity is also available.

www.yinyuefengchao.com is the official website.

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To download “Music Hive” for the Apple iPad, type “Music Hive” into the search bar.

2nd Panda Piano Instruction

(Previously known as Squirrel Piano Lessons)

Age Range: Suitable for children aged 4 to 16.

Method of instruction: online one-on-one instruction

Piano instruction is the only feature of this product.

APP features: Real people 1 to 1 double screen teaching (main screen side screen), primarily based on examination content auxiliary arrangement of audio-visual training music appreciation and other content for animation explanation.

Domestic music academies, domestic teacher training colleges, and foreign music academies all have teaching staff.

The content is divided into piano initiation class, piano examination class, sight-reading and ear training class, finger practice class, and piano music theory class based on the King’s examination.

Only an iPad is used in class.

Price and length of the lesson

Piano introductory class (5 lessons) (total cost 500 RMB)

Piano examination class (20 lessons) (total cost: 2000 RMB)

Sight Singing and Ear Training (total cost: RMB 1000)

Finger Exercise Class (20-Hour) (Total Cost: 2000 RMB)

(5-hour Piano Theory Class) (total cost: RMB 500)

Official website: To download “Panda Piano” for Apple devices, search “Panda Piano.”

3rd Perform on the piano

Age range: All ages, with professional content

Lessons are videotaped as a teaching method.

Features of the product include: music tools, video recording lessons, and so on.

APP features include: finding the full range of piano scores, dividing the stages of the course into: introductory examinations and skill improvement, and so on.

Famous piano teachers are on the teaching staff.

All types of practice pieces and masterpieces are used in the teaching system.

You can watch the video if you don’t have any equipment.

Course length and cost: approximately 200 RMB for video lessons

Download the APP “Play Piano” from the official website.

4Balloon Piano

Age: All ages, mobile piano learning app for zero-based users

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Teaching method: There is no need to learn line scores or basic piano skills; simply play along with the waterfall fingering set in the APP to learn the tracks.

Product function: similar to playing a game in order to play a tune.

Features of the app include: no need to memorize the lines, more entertaining, and no need to be a professional to learn piano.

There is no teaching staff.

There is no educational system.

Android and Apple cell phones are used in the classroom.

The length and cost of the lesson are not available.

Download the APP “Bubble Piano” from the official website.

For children, there is a brand of online piano coaching.

The majority of piano online coaching services are based on the students’ own piano level, primarily addressing the issue of the accompanying teacher’s accompanying guidance and accompanying effect, thereby freeing parents.

1.VIP escort service

Children over the age of four are suitable.

Online one-on-one coaching

Musical instrument coaching (not just piano) is one of the product’s features.

One-way video with real people is one of the app’s features. Only the teacher can see the student, and the teacher cannot perform the demonstration on the student’s behalf. Following the experience class, the website will first assign a teacher to the class. The child is matched with two teachers from whom he or she can select the best teacher.

Teacher training majors from large domestic music colleges and teachers from overseas music colleges, mostly on a part-time basis, make up the teaching faculty.

Cell phones and iPads are permitted in the classroom.

Lesson length: The experience lesson is 50 minutes long, and the regular lesson length can be freely combined; you can take a full 50-minute regular lesson, split it into 25-minute sessions, or increase it to 75-minute sessions, depending on your child’s practice needs.

Lesson package cost: 40-70 RMB per lesson on average; lesson packages are available for 100 lessons/160 lessons/365 lesson packages per year.

www.peilian.com is the official website.

2.Music Hive: Bofie joins you in practice.

Children aged 4 to 9 years old are suitable.

Accompanying practice mode: a gamified piano practice mode with online one-on-one teacher guidance (requires child key call).

Product highlights include: piano practice in an app called “Boffy practice with you” (Boffy is an animated character in piano lessons).

APP features: There are different practice modes for different levels of the same practice piece, and practicing and reading music is a lot of fun. Following each practice, the score and error points will be displayed, and the APP can voice recognize the acoustic piano and Bluetooth recognize the electric and electronic pianos.

Teaching staff: Full-time teachers from the top 11 music schools in the country, with more than two years of experience teaching children’s piano.

Apple iPad is used in class.

Lesson duration: unrestricted and unlimited

Lesson package price: 0 yuan, matching gift after purchasing the piano lesson package

www.yinyuefengchao.com is the official website.

To download “Music Hive” for the Apple iPad, type “Music Hive” into the search bar.

3rd Rapid Accompaniment

Children aged 4 to 16 years

Coaching method: one-on-one online coaching with a real person

Product use: Piano practice

The app has a one-way video format, which means that only the teacher can see the student, and the teacher cannot do the demonstration for the student. Fast Practice has a teacher grading system that matches the student’s ability with the teacher of the corresponding level. To begin, students’ levels are assessed; levels 1-4 are classified as beginner, levels 5-7 as intermediate, and levels 8 or higher as advanced. According to parent feedback, the teaching style is encouraging and oral.

Teachers from domestic and international music schools make up the teaching faculty.

Cell phones and iPads are permitted in the classroom.

Length of lesson: 25 minutes (optional) 50 minutes

Lesson package prices range from 4599 to 20000 RMB, with an average of 50-68 RMB per lesson.

www.kuaipeilian.com is the official website.

4.Xiao Ye Zi is the escort.

(Ex-Panda Piano Coaching)

Children aged 5 to 12 years old are suitable.

Coaching method: one-on-one online coaching with a real person

Piano coaching is a product function.

The app includes the following features: a two-way video form of real-life coaching, i.e. Students can see the teacher in the video, and the teacher can see the student’s hand shape and fingering in the video, and so on. Allow for an unlimited number of AI evaluations

Domestic music colleges, domestic teacher training colleges, and foreign music colleges all have teaching staff, with the majority of them working part-time.

Lesson equipment: cell phones and iPads are acceptable.

Lesson length: The experience lesson lasts 50 minutes, and the normal lesson lasts 50 minutes and 25 minutes. We bill in the form of lesson plans.

Price of a lesson package

Package of 25-minute lessons: 80 lessons/120 lessons/240 lessons/360 lessons

Package of 50-minute lessons: 40/60/180 lessons

The average cost of a 25-minute lesson is 30-40 RMB/lesson, and a 50-minute lesson costs 60-70 RMB/lesson.

www.xiaoyezi.com is the official website.

The following are a few APPs for children learning to play the piano and accompanying practice. Parents can select the appropriate product based on their piano child baby’s learning progress and level of learning interest, as well as whether they need to improve teaching or accompanying practice.

In today’s internet-enabled world, more and more convenience has appeared around us, just as a drop can change the way we travel.

Children and parents can benefit from one-on-one piano instruction without having to leave the house, and I hope that every little piano kid grows up happily nourished by music.

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